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Getting Ready for Nurse Practitioner Jobs and Careers

If you're looking to get into the medical industry without going to med school, nurse practitioner jobs are a great career path. Here's how to acquire the necessary credentials.

Becoming a nurse practitioner is a great way to get involved with the medical field, without actually undertaking everything required to become an actual doctor.  That also means that you can get into the field that much more quickly, as well as make it a bit easier for yourself to always find a job, because nurses are always needed.  But of course, along with nurse practitioner jobs, you’re going to find that there are a lot of different types of educational requirements that you’re going to need to fulfill.  For example, you have to be sure that you have proper certification to act as a nurse, and to be able to treat patients.

As the saying goes, doctors diagnose, nurses heal, this means you’ll be doing a lot of the minor leg work associated with the medical profession.  That’s why there’s so much actual education that’s necessary, to ensure that you’re going to be able to get a nursing job of some sort.  It’s important for that reason then, that you find the right types of certifications and education that are going to get you ready for your profession.

1) All nurse practitioners are required to have a college education.

For this you want to be sure that you have a four year bachelor’s degree, or even a technical school degree in nursing.  For a four year degree you want to be sure that you take many medical related classes, so that you can prepare yourself for the field.  But with a technical school, they will focus on just what you need to actually become a nurse.  That means you’ll get a ton of actual education into the processes that come with being a nurse.  What’s more, you’re also going to be able to get into the field more easily sometimes, with programs designed to provide you with invaluable on job experience.

2) You have to be certified by the state, in order to qualify for nurse practitioner jobs.

This means you have to get local certification  so that you are nationally recognized as a nurse.  This way, you can become registered as a professional nurse with the local community, so that you can make yourself available as a nurse through any type of medical establishment.  This is a necessity, because most nurse practitioner jobs require that you actually treat patients ailments alone, without a physician present in some cases.  That means you have to show the sufficient medical knowledge that’s required of these types of jobs, in order to ensure that you’re able to showcase yourself as a nurse.

3) Volunteer and intern as much as you possibly can.

While you’re in school and seeking certification you want to be sure that you’re finding as many internships as well as volunteer programs as you can.  Through both, you can be sure that you’re getting an on site education into becoming a nurse, and they are something that every resume actually needs, so that you’re able to showcase your talents.  The more padded your resume is, the better you are going to look as a candidate for any type of job.

While this may sound pretty simple in your quest to acquire nurse practitioner jobs, you’re going to find that it actually does take a number of years.  Typically nursing education at a technical school will take an extra 2 years beyond your normal education.  Then certification can take some time in and of itself.  But in order to really become a nurse you have to go through a few years of training and on job internship programs before you’re going to be realistically considered for the best positions. 

However, it’s worth the effort because you’re going to find that the average nurse practitioner salary with a good job is pretty high.  You can make into the upper five figures, and oftentimes you can get into the six figure range if you’re a more skilled and practiced type of nurse.  That’s a nurse practitioner salary anyone can live off of, and that’s going to ensure that you’re able to find a career that’s always going to pay the bills as long as you’re able to work in the field.

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