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Getting The Best Border Patrol Jobs

Border patrol jobs put you into the important role of protecting our nation from illegal immigrants and smugglers. Here's how to find the best one for your needs.

Working with homeland security through border patrol jobs is a great way to do your country a valuable service.  Every single day there seems to be somebody trying to cross one of America’s shores illegally, and it’s important to have patrolmen actually looking into the many ways that people enter the county illegally.  This is what border patrol jobs are for, and what creates the need to fill them and hire agents to keep our shores safe.  That also gives plenty of opportunity and flexibility as to what sort of career you are most interested in.

Basically, you want to figure out the type of border patrol jobs you’re most interested in, in terms of what type of career path you would like to take.  There are a lot of different types of jobs out there, so you want to narrow down the type of field you would like to enter from some of the most common positions:

1)Border Agents

These border patrol jobs actually entail you surveying the area around which section of the border you’re assigned.  You’ll literally be walking as well as driving the length throughout the day, just to keep an eye on activity, and to be sure that you’re able to spot anything suspicious, like illegal immigrants trying to get into the country on foot.  Most typically the base salary for most agent border patrol employment falls around $35,000 and goes up from there.

2) Deportation Officer

For this type of department of homeland security career, you’re actually going to be responsible for building a case against known or suspected illegal immigrants, so that they can be legally sent back to their country of origin.  Sending someone back to the country from whence they came actually takes a lot of work, and the legal side of things are what you’ll handle on a daily basis.  But the starting salary for these border patrol jobs can be a bit higher, because they require more of an educational background.

3) Customs Officer

This is a type of border patrol jobs that entails you actually investigating suspicious cars, bags, and even mail before allowing it to pass into the country, so that you can make sure there are no threats.  There are all sorts of threats that can enter the United States through these channels, and it can include anything from illegal immigrants, to weapons as well as drugs.  It’s really your mission to sniff out and find these items before they enter into the country, so that you can keep the shores that little bit safer by making sure some more dangerous items never hit the streets.

Of course, finding the right types of border patrol jobs and careers after you pick a type of field or career is never easy.  But there are plenty of places online where you can do your research, as well as look for job openings where you live.  For example, the United States government website for border patrol jobs is located at  There you can find help getting just about any type department of homeland security profession you could want to become a part of.

Although it’s also important to note that with any types of border patrol jobs that there are a few things that come alongside with qualification.  For just about any type of border enforcing agent, you’re going to have to pass two physical exams to show that you’re in shape enough to do the job, should you actually get the position.  These are pretty rigorous, and are designed so that you can ensure you’re able to do anything that’s necessary for tracking or chasing down illegal immigrants or threats along the border. 

What you’re also going to find is that just about any types of border patrol careers also feature pretty intense background checks.  That means they’re going to look at just about everything in your past, so you have to be prepared for just how deep they are going to search, with a clean record. Any sort of suspicious blemish is the sort of thing that could see you not getting the job, so you want to be sure nothing is there in the first place.

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