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Golden Rules to Follow When You Apply for Jobs Online

It's a must these days to apply for jobs online if you want to maximize your chances of landing some great work; but there are certain tips, like these, that you'll need to keep in mind.

The internet can be a good resource for a variety of uses, and these days this includes job hunting. There are many websites which provide information to those looking for details to assist them in a job search, as well as job listing sites for those looking to find a suitable post. In many cases it is possible to make an online application, and for individuals that want to apply for jobs online the following are a few of the golden rules to keep in mind when doing this.

Stick to Reputable Sites

There are a great number of websites on the internet claiming to be recruitment and job searching sites, and for individuals that intend to use a site there are a few rules to checking it out to ensure that it is a reputable service. Have a look at the “Contact Us” section to see what information is provided. Most good sites will provide an address, as well as contact names, telephone and email contact services, and it is worthwhile checking if these are genuine. Most sites will also have an “About Us” section, and it can also be worth checking what is provided in this. Most reputable companies will provide details of their operating history and information about their services. Remember that you will likely be entering personal details at the site and ensuring it is a reputable organization is a priority. Before registering it is also worth checking that the site will not pass on, or sell your personal information to other sites. Again most decent companies will provide a statement that they do not engage in this practice, and it is worth checking this is the case.

Make Sure a Job Advert Provides Some Contact Information

Most online job adverts will have details of the employer and job, although in some cases adverts may be done anonymously. Either way there should be some contact information for those that apply to follow up if required. Make sure before you apply for jobs online that there is some way to follow it up if you need to through a telephone number or email address. Applying for a job only to hear nothing back can be frustrating, and if there is no way to follow it up this makes it doubly frustrating.

Keep Things Professional

Online communication and email is generally considered a more informal way of keeping in touch. However, when it comes to making an online job application this is no different from making a standard job application and it pays to keep things professional. When writing a covering email or online letter, don’t get too familiar and keep the writing in professional tones to show a little respect to the employer.

Read and Spell Check Everything Twice

Presentation is generally everything when it comes to making a job application, and this is no different for an online application. If communications are poorly written and include mistakes this is typically viewed as a negative by an employer. Take some time to make sure an application is well written and error free. This can mean preparing it in Wordpad or Microsoft Word before copying and pasting it into the website job application form. Preparing an application in this manner allows more time to ensure that it is the best possible before sending it.

Have Patience

Employers may get a lot of applications for a particular post and can take a little time going through these before contacting suitable applicants. If you apply for jobs online, try and have some patience to let the employer work through this. If you have not had a reply after a couple of weeks it can be pro-active and professional to follow up with a phone call or email to check the current position. From there it is a case of taking on board what is said in a reply in terms of following up further.

Keep a Copy of the Details You Send

When making an application online it is important to keep a copy of the details sent, such that you can refer to these if the job application is taken further by the employer. Using an online application form may send details to the client, but not save them. Preparing the information in WordPad or a similar program enables it to be saved before sending, and if you do prefer to enter the details straight into an online application form, make sure you can save a copy of this for yourself before sending.

Job hunting on the internet can be a useful resource these days, and there are many people that will apply for jobs online. If you plan to do this, take note of some of the rules set out above to make sure this is a positive experience that helps you find the job you want.


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