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High Paying Jobs You Can Get Without A Degree

High paying jobs are out there, even if you lack a college degree. Here are six such position types.

Everyone wants to earn a great salary, but it’s not always so easy as they sound.  In order to be a successful business person, you have to enroll in tons of business classes, not to mention post graduate education and by the time you’re done, you end up with a massive amount of debt before you’re even able to land your first job.  That’s also something that you’re going to find with jobs like medical careers, as well as becoming a lawyer, and anything of the like.  But that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of high paying jobs that you can get without a degree.

The work is never going to be easy, and just because you didn’t go to college doesn’t mean that you’re not going to encounter some amount of learning, testing or certification.  But so long as you’re willing to fight through the roadblocks ahead of you for the best positions, you’ll find that you’re able to secure a fantastic career that can take you anywhere you want to go.  Some of the best high paying jobs are always going to include:

1) Air traffic controller.

This is actually just one of the best jobs period in terms of overall paycheck, as you’ll find the potential to earn well into the six figure range with this type of job.  But what you’re also going to find is that it’s a really high pressure position, as you’re literally responsible for keeping people alive, as you organize planes in the sky above an airport to safely land and avoid one another.  That also means it requires a really involved course to qualify, even if there’s no college degree necessary.

2) Transportation managers.

This is a type of job where you actually coordinate a network of semis and commercial trucks so that you’re able to guide them throughout the country and keep your shipments on schedule.  It’s a pretty complicated job and usually requires quite a bit of experience on the lower levels if you want to rise throughout the ranks.  But if you are able to make it to the top, you’ll find that your reward is an average salary of in excess of $70,000 and that’s something many people would enjoy.

3) Nuclear power reactor operator.

There are a ton of positions here in which you’re able to work and maintain the use of the reactor, without needing a degree of any type.  But you will find that you’re still able to land the job once you go through the extensive training process that’s required of plant workers.  Plus the benefits are fantastic, with salaries that almost scrape the six figure barrier, to make these truly high paying jobs.  But you will find that they are also quite dangerous, so they are not the right choice for everyone.

4) Gaming managers.

Another one of the true six figure jobs of this list, these types of career paths pay incredibly well, and are not about your education so much as your experience.  That’s because it’s a test of actually beating cheaters and those that would con centers like casinos, so that you can keep the house taking most of the money, without losing a penny more than you have to.  That means usually that you have to have a ton of experience at the lower levels, which do not pay even close to what the manager makes.

5) Wholesale manufacturing sales representatives.

Sales is always a good type of career path, if you’re a good sales person.  However, it all really hinges on your personal ability, as a major multiplier in how much you’re going to be able to make throughout your career is going to be your own personal skill.  If you can’t sell, you’re not going to make that much money, as it’s a commission based business.  But the really high end salespeople are known to earn into the $70,000 range making them true top paying jobs.

6) Retail management.

Managing a store like a Walmart or a Target is something that really pays well, because you’re responsible for so much.  They are also jobs that you can work your way through a company to qualify for, no matter what type of an education you actually have.  But you will also find that this also requires working the lower end minimum wage jobs for a number of years.  But if you can make your way up the ladder, they are some of the best high salary jobs around.


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