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How To Advertise Yourself for Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing jobs allow you to work from home on your own schedule. Here's a guide to putting yourself out there with the goal of landing the highest paying gigs.

Acquiring freelance writing jobs isn’t that hard. But getting the ones that pay so that you’re actually turning your work into a career is quite a bit harder.  That’s because this is another one of those jobs where experience counts more than degrees or anything of the sort.  It’s vital to show that you have a proven ability to write a variety of different styles, and that you’re keeping up on your career every single day.  That’s what potential employers want to see, and what’s going to see you qualifying for more and better freelance writing jobs every single day.

In fact, there are plenty of different things that you can do to build your portfolio as well as your resume, and make sure that you have tons of examples of your work ready for anyone to see.  This is the best way to make an impact, and there are a few things that you want to do to make the most out of any opportunities that come your way.

1) Keep a regular blog.

This is a big one for any freelance writing jobs, and one that can make or break how well you’re actually able to perform once you get to the interview stage of any opportunity.  Employers want to see that you’re working consistently and that you have a general interest within writing, because it makes for a better employee.  That’s why you want to be sure that you do keep a regular personal blog, to advertise yourself to every recruiter for freelance writing opportunities.

However, remember that you also have to be careful with this blog, and be sure that it appeals to everyone.  It’s okay to have a sense of humor about things, but you don’t want to completely offend someone by pushing extreme viewpoints, or by using humor that some could deem offensive.  The biggest way to turn off a potential employer is if your advert is something that they’re offended by, so always keep things as politically correct and professional as you possibly can.

2) Build that portfolio as much as possible.

Any article that you write needs to go into your book of links to showcase employers.  It’s really important that you have relevant links and that you can showcase how you’ve been working as of late.  What’s more, the more actual articles and sites that you can showcase when you’re looking for jobs, the more valuable you’re going to look as a writer.  What’s more, it’s proof that you can do the job and do the job well, and that’s a beautiful advertisement for any freelance writing opportunities that come your way.

3) Be honest with yourself when it comes to your writing skills.

Not every freelance writer is exactly capable of winning a Pulitzer, and that’s not really something that employers are looking for. But when you feel your writing is particularly weak, focus on other parts of the writing that can matter more.  For example, more natural use of important keywords that are needed if you’re writing so that you can earn more hits, a higher Google page rank, etc.  These are skills that don’t take the writing ability of a Shakespeare, and that are invaluable to just about any type of employer when they are looking to fill a job. 

4) Bid on jobs realistically.

A great advert for your talents when applying for freelance writing jobs, is showing that you’re realistic with your bid. Writing is a job that doesn’t exactly always earn the biggest paychecks, and for the smaller jobs or the ones that are less involved, you’re going to find that you’re expected to quote a lower amount.  It’s important that you’re realistic for what you would like to be paid, but also the comfortable middle ground between what it seems as though the employer would be willing to pay.

5) Maintain an online presence on the top freelance writing job websites.

There are plenty of sites that employers commonly use to pick out different types of writers for the opportunities that they have as they become available.  That means one thing that you want to do as a writer is make sure you’re easy to find on any of these sites.  They can include:





These are some great places to start, and ensure that you’re going to be able to find some great opportunities for all sorts of different types of writing styles.  Plus they are also great places to showcase your portfolio and relevant work that you’ve completed in the past, so that you can represent your ability and how you’re able to actually get any freelance writing opportunities done in style.  What’s more, these can aid in forming the long-lasting relationships that are a necessity if you’re looking to become a success in the industry.

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