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How to Find and Apply for English Teaching Jobs In Your Area

As the popularity of our language grows and new cultures enter our nation, English teaching jobs can be found both abroad and locally. If you're interested in staying put, here's how to find some of these positions.

English is a common language in many parts of the world and as one of the main business languages it is a skill that many people want to learn. This means that there is a constant need for English teachers and at any one time there are a great number of English teaching jobs available. This can include teaching English in elementary and high schools, as well as teaching English to those that want to learn it as a second language.  Depending on your location there will typically be a range of opportunities and for those looking for part or full-time work teaching English, there are a variety of opportunities for finding and applying for these.

English as a second language (ESL)

Many people that are not native English speakers want to learn the language and a number of colleges, universities and other educational facilities teach English as a second language. There are a few abbreviations used for this including TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and TELF (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), although all essentially refer to the job of teaching the English Language to non-native speakers. This can include immigrants to a country, as well as foreign students travelling to a country to learn English. The website ESLJobs is set up such that those looking to teach English can find a list of potential jobs around the USA and elsewhere. This includes both part-time and full-time options, and in the USA these are for various locations around the country. The adverts usually provide details of qualifications required for a post and also give details on how to apply. This is usually done by sending a resume and other relevant information to the email address provided.

Teacher Jobs

The Teacher Jobs website is a resource which enables those interested in English teaching positions to find details of jobs across the USA. The site is essentially a list of jobs and it is possible to use the search facility to find positions teaching English in the whole of America or to narrow down the search to a particular state. The adverts generally provide phone, address and email contact details for applying for a job and for those that register on the Teacher Jobs website it is possible to apply online. However, for teachers that register on the website it is also possible to upload a resume and other details such that schools that have teaching positions available can search for prospective candidates. This enables educational facilities to directly contact teachers and this can increase the chances of finding English teaching jobs. It is free to register on the site and with job opportunities to view and the option of uploading a resume the website can be a good resource for finding and applying for English jobs.

Simply Hired

There are many websites that provide details of English teaching jobs and the Simply Hired website is a convenient way of searching through these without having to find the individual sites. Simply Hired has an easy search facility where keywords and location can be entered to find the teaching jobs available on a number of recruitment websites. By conducting a search for English teaching opportunities in an area it is possible to find a number of available posts and the job adverts typically provide the contact details to apply for a job. Many adverts have online application forms, although will generally also have other contact details to enquire about a potential job opportunity.

State Education Departments

State Education Departments can be a good source of information for those looking to find English teaching jobs. The website State and Local Government on the Net has a list of these for each state and these can be decent resources. In many cases they can have a list of the educational facilities within a state and provide links to these such that teachers looking for English jobs can find details of the positions available and information on how to apply for these. In other cases a State Education Department website will have a section for Employment Opportunities. The Arizona Department of Education website is an example of this and this enables prospective English teachers to search for job opportunities within the state.

With the increasing number of people looking to learn English these days, there are many opportunities for those will the skill for teaching the language. The options shown above are some of those which can be used to find English teaching jobs, and these can provide a wide range of opportunities from teaching elementary level kids to teaching English to people that want to learn it as a second language.

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