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How to Find High Paying Truck Driving Jobs

Truck driving jobs are known for high pay, making them highly sought out. Here's how you can find a position for yourself that pays well.

Being a trucker can be an extremely lucrative business, so long as you take the right type of action to ensure that you’re always going to be considered for the best jobs.  As with anything else in life however, anything like this that’s really worth doing, is going to take some effort.  But so long as you’re committed, the career path of a trucker is one that can end up really paying off, as it’s also a career you can basically handle your entire life.

Basically there are a few different categories that you’re going to want to have completed, to ensure that you’re the most prepared for any type of major trucking job.  That means you have to start out small with the things that you’re going to need to do to actually make yourself into a really hirable trucker. 

1) You Have To Have Your Education Down.

That means you have to show that you can handle the job by at least having a high school diploma or GED equivalent type of degree.  That is something that not any employers require, but is something that they really like to see on a resume, just to show that you have a level of commitment and intelligence that they are going to want to invest a lot of money in.   What’s more, a college degree is even better, but you can still land all the top jobs without one so they are not essential.

2) Have Your Commercial Trucker’s License, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations certification.

This one is pretty obvious, but is still a necessity.  You need that license to show that you’ve passed the DMV’s test to show that you can handle a massive truck.  What’s more, you want to go one further and pass the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations exam.  That way, you’re able to show that you really know exactly how equipment like this should be handled and treated.  But you also show that you have a great comprehension of the law regarding a massive truck, which is really important.

But you also actually want to pick out the specification of which type of trucker you would actually like to be.  A huge factor in how much you could get paid, or the difficulty of the work can be on the type of truck that you drive.  The standard Semi driver is not going to get paid as much as a more specialized construction driver for example, because they have different skill sets.  The same is true for drivers that are going to be handling things like hazardous waste, and other types of situations where you need a trusted and more highly skilled driver in order to be able to get the job done.

From there, it’s more about the actual experience side of things, and what you can do so that you can ensure you’re the best candidate for any job.  You want to start out with anything that you can get, and that means taking an entry level position, so that you can maintain a good driving record.  Nothing speaks volumes like a great driving record, and having the history to show that you know what you’re doing is the best step that you can take when it comes to actually defining what you can do as a driver. 

Of course, this does mean taking a lower level position than you may want at first, but that’s a necessity in order to land the best jobs later on.  Typically that means you’re going to be starting out at around $25,000 and above.  However, after being on the road for a few years you can easily double that, so that you’re a top earning trucker, so long as you have the track record to really back yourself up. 

Then it’s just a matter of getting your resume out and into the hands of some employers.  You can easily do that by finding the right type of trucker job resource online, so that you can explore your options as to which companies are currently hiring.  A site like for example, can help you find all sorts of trucker types of resources.  There you should be able to submit your resume to all sorts of jobs nationwide, and with the experience to back it up you’re going to be a prime trucker candidate for all the best jobs out there.

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