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How to Land Top Dental Hygiene Jobs

In dental hygiene jobs, you'll find that the space is competitive. Follow these steps to pounce on any openings and maximize your chances of landing one.

The care of teeth is an important part of overall health and for those looking to pursue a career in dentistry, there are a few occupations to consider. A dental hygienist is one of these, and this job is concerned mainly with preventative dental care. This can include tasks such as demonstrating good oral practices to patients, cleaning their teeth and gums of hard and soft deposits, and a range of other tooth cavity and gum disease preventative treatments. For those interested in dental hygiene jobs, there are a variety of ways to land top jobs.

Ensure Proper Training

The best way to land top dental hygiene jobs is to ensure you have the requisite training to do the job well. This starts by working to ensure that you receive a high school diploma and good college entrance scores. These are generally required for admittance to a college dental hygiene course. The best option is to study on an accredited program and details of these can be found at the website of the Commission on Dental Accreditation. The actual qualifications required to gain admittance for an accredited dental hygiene course can vary depending on the college, and checking the requirements for those schools you are interested in is the best way to understand what is needed. Typically a course will provide a student with both classroom learning and practical experience in a variety of subjects, such as clinical dental hygiene, gum disease, nutrition, pharmacology and microbiology. The completion of a degree course is generally the minimum requirement to work as a dental hygienist in the office of a dentist.

Obtain a Masters or Doctoral Degree

While an associate or bachelors degree is the minimum requirement for starting dental hygiene jobs, those that want to improve their chances of landing a top job should consider continuing their study to obtain a masters or doctoral degree. While this requires a period of further study, completing this successfully opens up further career opportunities. This can include teaching jobs, laboratory research opportunities and working in dental hygiene programs for schools.

Become Licensed

To work in dental hygiene jobs, it is a requirement to obtain state licensure. To apply for this a candidate must have successfully completed an accredited dental hygiene course, and licensure itself requires a written and clinical examination to be passed. The written test in most states is generally that which is prepared by the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations, while the clinical test is generally overseen by a states testing agency. To advance a dental hygienist career towards the top jobs, this is obviously an important step that needs to be completed.

Consider Continuing Education

Successfully applying for the top dental hygiene jobs can mean being up to date with the latest techniques, treatments and dental tools, and this generally means keeping involved in continuing education programs. The American Dental Association (ADA) and American Dental Hygienist Association (ADHA) have a variety of programs which can be accessed in person or online, and using these can help to keep you in touch with the latest hygiene practices.

Keep a Look Out for Job Opportunities

Working as a dental hygienist can enable an individual to hold more than one job at a time, and provide their services to a few different dental practices as required. Many dental hygienists work on a part-time basis and this provides the opportunity to look for additional jobs. Places to look for jobs include Dental Crossing, My Dental Jobs and Dental Hygienist Jobs. Keeping an eye on the job boards can help to identify top jobs when they come up, and with the right qualifications this can include dental practice opportunities, as well as teaching and research jobs.

Ensure Your Resume is Professionally Set Out

The job prospects for dental hygienists are expected to be good, with the US Bureau of Statistics identifying it as one of the fastest growing occupations. However, there is competition for jobs and ensuring your resume looks professional is a key aspect of successfully applying for the top jobs. Ensure it highlights to best effect all your relevant training, qualifications and work experience. The same also goes for the cover letter, and ensuring this is well set out and professional looking can help in standing you out from the competition.

With the future prospects for dental hygienist jobs expected to be good, it can be a decent career path to choose. The information above provides details of some of the steps to take in landing top jobs, and taking note of these can help to improve your chances of landing a job that provides a lucrative and rewarding career.

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