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How To Live The Dream By Landing Secret Shopper Jobs

Secret shopper jobs are as good as they sound; you get paid to go shopping. Finding them can be a bit harder. Here's how to go about it.

Feedback is something that every business needs to survive, and is something that is important for literally any type of business to actually succeed.  That’s why many retail outlets provide secret shopper jobs, so that they can get professional feedback about how their store performs when it comes to actual customer service.  A store that doesn’t take care of it’s customers typically isn’t going to be around for very long, so these types of jobs are available from all the major chains.  That gives you plenty of opportunity to live the dream with a really fun job where you’re actually paid to shop.

Most typically what you’re going to find with any types of secret shopper jobs, is that they all cover certain guidelines, and there are certain things that are going to be expected of you.  What’s more, finding the real secret shopper job opportunities from the scams is not always going to be the easiest thing in the world.  That’s why there are a few things you want to keep in mind for your search:

1) When looking to get secret shopper jobs, you have to be prepared for what they entail.

These types of jobs sound really fun on paper, as they basically require you to be paid to go shopping.  However, they are not always as they sound, as there are some pretty specific things you need to do.  Namely, you’re not really shopping for yourself, but rather are assessing a company’s services. That means they expect you to ask questions of the staff, and do certain things to actually see how things are running around the store.  What’s more, they typically want you to act like a problematic customer within reason, to see how well the store handles a customer that’s a bit more challenging to keep happy.

But that’s not to say you can’t have a lot of fun with your job, and typically the pay is good for the work that you’ll be doing, but also you’ll find that you are able to keep the items that you buy in some cases.  That can make for a fantastic incentive when you’re out shopping.

2) Know how to recognize a scam when looking for mystery shopper opportunities.

This is a world that’s filled with scams, because to many people this really is the dream job.  For that reason, you have to be careful and ensure that you’re able to find the real opportunities from the fake ones. That means keeping a few key factors that can identify a scam in mind, every time you search.

                -Any job opportunity that requires a fee for your application to be considered, or that requires you pay for a list of companies to apply to, is always going to be a scam.  Actual employers don’t make it a habit to charge the potential employees that they are considering hiring.

                -Moreover, with just about any type of secret shopper jobs, you’re also going to find that you have to research the company that’s offering the position before settling on any one job. This helps you ensure that the opportunity is legitimate, something that you’ll also run into from time to time.  There are a lot of fake companies out there, just waiting to nab your personal information, use Google appropriately and you can make sure that doesn’t happen.

3) The best way to get work through secret shopper jobs, is through specific companies.

You don’t really want to go to Macy’s and try to sign up as a mystery shopper, because nobody is going to take you seriously.  But through independent mystery shopper companies, you can ensure that you’re able to join their staff, and become a representative in the area that you live as a branch of their corporation.  This way, they can enlist you with different types of jobs that require a mystery shopper, so that you can get work without even having to look.

Some of the companies you can trust to provide just these types of opportunities can include the National Shopping Service, or even the Mystery Shopper Providers Association.  Through both you can find the fantastic start to a really fun job that can see you earning plenty of money if the workflow is right.

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