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Ideal Good Paying Jobs for College Students To Help You Cover Costs While You’re In School

Help pay the bills and have a little fun by seeking out one of these good paying jobs for college students.

Finding a job that really helps you to pay the bills, but that doesn’t require you to work full time hours in order to do it, is a necessity for most college kids.  If you’re struggling to pay your own way, you’ll have to find out how you can make as much as possible without having to take on a more traditional full time style of job.  You’ll find there really are a lot of different work opportunities out there, but not all of them are going to offer you the amount of money you might want.  But you’ll find that there are still some great good paying jobs for college students that you should be able to qualify for no matter your major in most cases.

However, you’ll have to realize that they do take quite a bit of work on your part, and in most cases you’re still going to have to be really putting forth the effort beyond school to really make your time count.  Usually you’ll be talking about $10-15 an hour range, but you’ll find that this is actually quite good for most part time jobs, so you can’t exactly expect to be making six figures before you’re out of college.  Here are a few of the top paying opportunities out there, that can virtually guarantee you’ll be able to help cover the cost of books, food and tuition.

Bank tellers

Another great opportunity if you’re looking for ideal work that looks good on your future resume, and that’s going to ensure you can help pay the bills, you’ll find that tellers are some of the better paying jobs out there.  Usually you can earn over $10 an hour, with plenty of room for raises, as well as room for changing and adapting your hours as well.  But you’re also going to discover that this is an ideal opportunity if you want to go into banking, as it can be seen as you getting your foot in the door while still getting an education. That’s something future employers are really going to want to see.

Library assistants

Whether you’re looking for an ideal job on or off campus, you’re going to find that these are some of the best possible opportunities.  Paying just about as much as you’ll find bank teller jobs will do, and being some of the most ideal when it comes to being able to add something great to your resume.  You’ll find that they are still hard work however, as libraries tend to be understaffed, and there’s usually no shortage of work to go around.

Waiting tables

Whether you want the opportunity to be a waitress or a waiter, you’ll find that these can be great chances to make some quick money without needing to do a lot to make the grade for the job.  You’ll find that while they typically only pay close to minimum wage when it comes to your actual hourly rate.  You will also find that they offer the opportunity for you to get tips as well.  That can have you making more than you would do in any other position, which guarantees that you’ve got some serious change to cover your college costs.

Computer IT support

So long as you have the right major that involves a good bit of computer information, you can usually get a job working with them on or off campus.  Plus IT positions are really hot right now, meaning that they are some of the most ideal positions out there for pay wise  in fact, the right type of computer support position can pay upwards of $20 per hour which is incredible for a college kid.

Administrative Assistant

Once again, if you’re looking for one of the more ideal types of jobs, this is going to be a great option for pay wise, as well as being fantastic for your resume later if you can get an on campus type of job.  They are going to offer you in excess of $20  in many cases, and will virtually guarantee that you can make a ton of money will earning some great potential credits for your future at the same time.

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