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Is a Career In Information Technology Jobs for You?

Whether you're a college student seeking out a major or actively looking for employment, there are many things to consider about information technology jobs and what they entail.

Working is a requirement for most people, and for new job seekers or those looking for a change there are a wide variety of careers to choose from. Most businesses use computers in some form or other these days, which has led to a rise in the number and type of information technology jobs available. With the many opportunities this presents, the information technology sector can be a good industry to look to for a well paid and fulfilling career.

Definition of Information Technology

The information Technology (IT) industry is generally considered to have its roots in the 1960’s and 70’s in workplaces such as banks which had the need to store large databases of information. While little known at this time, the rise in computer technology in the workplace has turned IT into a commonly recognized term. The IT industry these days is primarily concerned with the computer hardware, software and other equipment used by companies for the storage, processing, retrieval, transmission and protection of information. Most companies large and small have an IT expert or full IT department to deal with these requirements, and there are also many companies that work in the development and implementation of IT resources. This presents a range of opportunities for those looking to work in the industry.

Skills Required

There are a number of skills required to make a success of a career in the IT industry. Some of these are basic, such as good interpersonal skills, good oral and written communication skills and also the ability to work independently or within a team set up. However, some skills are more technical in nature. An interest in computer hardware and software is an obvious asset, as is an understanding of basic mathematical concepts and multi-step logic. While information technology jobs are typically common to all business fields, it can pay to gain a basic understanding of the business field in which you work, as IT hardware and software may be specific to this.


There is a wide variety of training courses available for the information technology industry. This includes college based training, online training and also on-the-job and part-time training for those that want to combine training and working. Many positions in the IT industry require a college degree and this can typically be computer, math or engineering based. The training options available range from computer courses for gaining a basic understanding of common computer hardware and software, to more specialized training for computer languages, software development and website design. While some training courses can be focused on gaining a specific skill, others can be more generalized. Companies such as Joskos have a range of certified IT training courses available including Microsoft and Cisco courses. Training through Josko also has the advantage that they offer work experience positions and recruitment advice and assistance.

While training as preparation to enter the IT industry is obviously important in getting a career off the ground, it also needs to be an ongoing process. Computer technology generally advances quickly and keeping up to speed with the latest advancements is a requirement of being able to carry out information technology jobs efficiently and in line with the latest technology.

Job Types

Job types in information technology typically fall under three categories, these being development, support and analysis. Development typically encompasses positions in software programming, system development and hardware configuration. A degree in computer science, math or computer engineering is typically required to enter the field. IT support positions generally include staff that provide hardware support and are responsible for the setting up, monitoring and maintenance of an IT system. User support is generally concerned with assisting the staff in a company with computer related problems, installing software and providing computer training where required. An IT analyst most commonly bridges the gap between system developers and the end user of hardware or software.


As with any profession, salaries can vary widely in the IT industry depending on position, training and experience. However shows an average salary range of around $51,000 to $80,000 for those in information technology jobs. For those that work to establish a career in the IT industry, this can therefore be the salary level that is typically achievable.

Deciding if a career in information technology is for you includes a few factors, and for those that have an interest in computers it can be a good field to consider. It has been a fast growing industry in recent years as computers and communication technology have become incorporated into the business world, and it is likely to be a large employer in years to come. Computers are here to stay and the technology is being constantly developed, providing a great need for IT specialists. This means there will continue to be many opportunities available for those looking for information technology jobs.

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