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Jobs for 17 Year Olds: 7 Great Ideas

What are some of the best jobs for 17 year olds? Here are seven great ideas for students and teens that may appeal to you.

Youngsters that get to the age of 17 have a few advantages in the job market in that their hours are less likely to be restricted as is usually the case with younger teens, and also they at are at an age where they can learn to drive. Most teenagers at 17 will likely not want to rely on the bank of mum and dad for money, and there is no need to do so. Whether interested in full-time work or looking for a part-time job, there are plenty of jobs for 17 year olds. For youngsters of this age some of the opportunities include the following.

Sales Assistant

Depending on where you live there can be a wide range of retail stores in malls and on the high street, and many of these will offer jobs to 17 year old teens. Some of the options include department stores, fashion outlets, shoe stores and book stores, although a quick walk around a mall will show many others. These types of stores typically require sales assistants to deal with customer queries and help them with their shopping, and many offer part-time and full-time jobs to teenagers. Working in a particular area of retail in which you have an interest can be the best option, and there are plenty of opportunities available.

Shelf Stacking

Another common option for 17 year olds to find a job in a retailer is shelf stacking. Most large grocery stores and drugstores will have permanent staff for this job and it requires little training to be able to do it. It can be a decent part-time job for 17 year olds interested in making their own money, and again visiting the large retailers in an area should enable a teen to find out what the opportunities are, and to get forms to apply for a job opening.

Writing Sites

Most 17 years olds will be used to writing assignments for school, and for those with a flair for this a job to consider is writing for paid websites. This is a flexible opportunity which offers the chance to make a little or a lot depending on how much effort is put in, and it is something that can easily be fitted around a normal daily schedule. There are a variety of sites that offer the chance to make some money including Helium, Squidoo, Associated Content, and a number of others. For teens that enjoy writing, signing up to a few sites means they can set their own agenda for working and depending on the site money can be made through upfront payments or revenue share.


Most neighborhoods and areas have a number of large and small retailers, and these typically have the need for cashiers to work the cash registers. This typically provides a number of opportunities for jobs for 17 year olds and visiting the retail stores in an area and asking what positions they have available, as well as for an application form, can be a way to get your foot in the door of the working world. Cashier jobs are fairly straightforward, and a little training on how to operate the cash register is generally enough to get someone prepared for the work, and it is something that a 17 year old can easily do.


For 17 years olds that have excellent grades and a good knowledge of a particular subject, the option to tutor younger school kids is a job opportunity to consider. Many kids need a little extra tutoring outside of school and offering these services in your local community may provide the option to make some money. It has the obvious advantage that a 17 year old teen has recent experience of studying a subject and this can useful when helping younger kids and teaching them. It is also a flexible way to work which can easily be fitted around a teen’s normal schedule.

Fast Food Restaurant/Diners

Fast food restaurants typically need a number of staff to work behind the counter serving customer, and these will typically offer jobs for 17 year olds. There can also be opportunities in diners, coffee shops and other restaurants to work on serving customers at the table, and the food industry generally has a wide variety of job options for teens. Visiting the local fast food joints and diners and asking to speak to the manager is generally the best way to find what openings are available, and this is also a way to get application forms to find a job in this industry.

Entertainment Centers

Entertainment complexes are locations where teens will generally hang out, and they also offer the chance for jobs for 17 year olds. An entertainment center can offer options such as movies, bowling and amusement arcades and some of the jobs available can include working in ticket booths, working behind a food and drinks counter, and customer assistance. There are a few options available and it can be a good place for a 17 year old to find a job.

Most older teenagers will want their own money to make them a little more independent, and there are many opportunities for those that put a little effort into finding work. Jobs for 17 years olds can be found in a variety of locations, and for teens interested in working, those shown above are a few of the options available.


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