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Jobs in Dallas: Popular Industries to Seek Out

If you're looking for jobs in Dallas, you may want to begin your search in one of these popular industries, all of which have healthy demand levels for employment.

The location where you live can typically have a bearing on the types of job that are available, with most cities having dominant industries which employ the majority of the workers in that area. Dallas is located in the state of Texas and is one of the biggest cities in the USA, with an estimated population of greater than 1 million residents. For those that live or choose to work in Dallas, there are a few dominant industries and these can be the ones to look to for jobs in Dallas.


Richardson is an inner suburb in the north of Dallas and is the location of an area known as ‘Telecom Corridor’ and this is home to the manufacturing operations of a number of major telecom companies. These are concentrated in a small strip of around 3 miles along Highway 75 and include companies such as Southwestern Bell, Alcatel, Ericsson and Nortel. The telecoms sector is a large employer in the Dallas area with other companies operating there including Samsung, Motorola and AT&T. As one of the dominant industries in the area it provides plenty of opportunities for workers to find jobs in Dallas.


Technology is another of the larger industries in the Dallas area. The number of high-tech companies operating in the area, especially in the north of Dallas, has earned it the nickname ‘Silicon Prairie’. There are a number of computer related businesses in Dallas, and these include information technology related companies, video and game developers and semiconductor manufacturing businesses. Some of the bigger technology companies operating include Cisco, Texas Instruments, Fujitsu, Dallas Gaming Mafia and id Software. For those with an interest in information technology and computer hardware and software, Dallas can be a good location to be based for the employment opportunities available.


The defense industry is a big employer in Texas as a whole and a number of defense contractors have operations in the Dallas area. Some of the larger defense related employers in the area include Lockheed Martin which has both its Aeronautics and Missile & Fire Control divisions in the Dallas suburbs. Other companies operating in the defense sector, which have operations in the Dallas area, include Vought Corporation, Bell Helicopter Textron, DynCorp and AECOM. The defense industry is a major part of the Dallas economy and the number of companies operating provides a range of employment opportunities in the area.


Dallas is a popular tourist destination for many and the Dallas-Fort Worth International airport is one of the busiest in Texas. There are plenty of attractions for those visiting to see and many hotels to serve the needs of tourists. Dallas is also considered to be one of the major convention centers in the USA and this also draws a number of business people to visit the city. The tourism industry is therefore a major part of the Dallas economy and there are plenty of tourism jobs in Dallas available. Tourism in the area is actively marketed by organizations such as the Dallas/Fort Worth Area Tourism Council and tourism employment can generally be found in hotels, major area attractions, transportation businesses and museums. It can therefore be a good industry to consider for employment opportunities in Dallas.

Real Estate

With a population in excess of 1 million, the real estate industry is big business in Dallas. There are many realtors operating to serve the needs of both the residential and commercial markets and this provides plenty of employment opportunities for those that want to enter the industry. Some of the biggest employers in the sector include Ebby Halliday Realtors, David Bush Realtors and RE/MAX DFW Associates, and these and other real estate agents offer a number of jobs in Dallas.

As one of the top ten cities in the USA in terms of population, Dallas can be an excellent location in which to live or visit. There are a number of industries offering jobs in Dallas and those shown above are some of the dominant sectors. For those looking for employment in the Dallas area, these can be some of the industries to consider as they are typically some of the largest employers in the city. Further details of the Dallas economy and the major industries can be found at

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