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Legal Secretary Jobs: What they are and How Do You Apply?

Legal secretary jobs bring you right into the law world, with no need for a degree. Here's a description of one's role and some tips on where to find them.

For those that have an ambition to work in the field of law, there are a number of occupations available. While many people train to become lawyers, there are a number of other options to consider. Legal secretary jobs are an example of this and this type of post can be employed by a number of different organizations.

Definition of a Legal Secretary

In the US, a Legal Secretary is a person employed in the legal profession as an administrative assistant to lawyers. They typically specialize in law and can undertake a number of tasks as part of their daily duties. They can be employed by a variety of organizations, with law firms being one of the most common examples. However, many large corporations, government offices and insurance companies with a legal department can also have staff positions open for legal secretaries.

Training required

To work as a Legal Secretary it is important to be familiar with legal procedures. While attending law school or obtaining a law degree is generally not a requirement for a Legal Secretary, it is important to study the subject and many community colleges, vocational schools and other educational facilities offer courses designed to teach the duties of a Legal Secretary. The courses available can be 1 to 2 years in length and teach a variety of topics ranging from legal terminology and transcription to maintaining legal files, using computer based legal software, processing legal documents and other more general secretarial duties. Course will typically involve time being taught in class and computer labs, as well as supervised training experience in a legal office. Both college-based and online Legal Secretary courses are available these days and the programs available are geared towards training students with the required capabilities for carrying out Legal Secretary jobs. BrainTrack and RWM are examples of resources where schools that offer Legal Secretary training can be found. The National Association of Legal Secretaries (NALS) also offers accreditation to those who have completed an approved training course and this can be useful for those planning a career in the profession.

Typical work involved

A variety of duties can be carried out by those involved in legal secretary jobs. The actual tasks will depend to a large extent on the size of the company and the work required. In many cases general secretarial tasks can be undertaken and this can include dealing with client communications either by phone, letter or email, as well as scheduling travel arrangements and meetings for lawyers. However more specialized law based work can also be required and this can include preparing legal submissions and documents for court submissions, undertaking legal research to assist lawyers in the cases they are responsible for, assisting in the collection and maintenance of a legal library and also maintaining an online database of documents and legal papers. In general a Legal Secretary will work as part of team and will assist lawyers in carrying out their workload.

Finding Legal Secretary jobs

Most companies that hire Legal Secretaries require that they have completed appropriate studying and training for the job. However, once this has been achieved there are a variety of resources for those that are looking to apply for Legal Secretary jobs. There are a number of online sites these days where posts are advertised with Find Law career center being an example of this. They have options for a variety of occupations in the legal profession and it is possible to search for Legal Secretary posts across America, or narrow the search down to individual areas. Other resources on the internet include, and Law Crossing. These typically have adverts for Legal Secretary positions, which will provide details of the qualifications required. The adverts will generally also provide information on how to apply for a post.

For those interested in a career in law, Legal Secretary jobs are an option to consider. There are a variety of ways to train for and enter the profession and the information above provides some of the relevant details. Becoming a Legal Secretary can be an interesting occupation and can be a simpler way to enter the legal profession, without the extensive training and studying that is generally required to become a full time lawyer.

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