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Looking for Jobs? Here are 8 Great Ideas

If you're looking for jobs, here are 8 ways to find a great position and put your search to an end once and for all.

Everyone needs to earn a living, and whatever career path you choose this will invariably mean looking for jobs. Whether you have just finished studying and are about to embark on a new career, or are a seasoned worker looking to change jobs there are a few ideas that can help when looking for a suitable position. The following are some to consider when you are looking for your next career move.

Use a Job Search Group

Job search clubs are becoming more popular with people seeking employment these days, and they typically involve a group of people working together to provide support, as well as share advice and tips for job hunting. This can be useful in searching for a position, and also lets individuals network and build up contacts which may help in the search for a suitable post. Checking for one in your area can be a smart move to help job hunting, with an example being Southwest Job Network.

Join a Trade Association

Most professions have trade associations and organizations that those working in the field can become members of. Joining one or more in the professional field you are interested in can help with networking and meeting contacts that may provide some assistance in a job search. Joining can indicate that you are serious about the profession and can also help to improve a resume.

Send Your Resume

While most people will send their resume for a job application, fewer will consider simply sending it direct to a company. However, posting a copy of your resume and a covering letter detailing the skills you have to companies you would like to work for may pay dividends. Positions may be available that are yet to be advertised, or a future position may come up that your resume shows that you are suitable for, and the fact that the company already has your resume may put you at the head of the queue for the post.

Use a Video Resume

Most people stick with the standard paper resume when applying for jobs, and while this should always be included in an application, give some consideration to also sending a video resume. This lets the hiring officer actually see you, and it can bring you to their attention and stand you out from the crowd. Including a CD or flash drive with a video resume can be a unique way to get the attention of a human resources manager and these days is relatively simple to produce.

Consider an Internship or Volunteering

The state of the economy at many times can mean that those graduating will be entering a market with fewer job opportunities. For those that are struggling to secure gainful employment, an option to consider is to seek out an internship with a company or volunteer for a charitable organization. In both cases it typically pays nothing, but it does provide some working experience and this can help in a positive manner when added to a resume. It shows a prospective employer that you are prepared to put in the effort to find work and this can improve your chances.

Use Social Media

The phenomena of social media has become huge these days, and this can be used to the advantage of those looking for jobs. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer the chance to connect to and network with many professionals in your field of work and this can potentially provide opportunities for job hunters. Ensure that your profiles on social media sites are professional looking, identify that you are in the market for a job and it may be that an opportunity will come your way.

Use a Headhunter

For more experienced job hunters seeking senior posts, using a headhunter is an option to consider. These can be used by a range of companies to fill executive positions, and will generally have better knowledge of jobs available than any individual could hope to achieve. While they can be expensive, the cost can be worth it if they find you a well paying job.

Use Proactive References

While most people will include references on their resume, they will generally wait and let the company make the first contact with them following an interview. However, if you are in a position where you have been interviewed, turn this around and ask your references to contact the hiring manager and extol your virtues. This shows a little initiative and can get you noticed.

When looking for jobs there are a variety of techniques and strategies that can be used to find a suitable post. Some of those available to a job hunter are shown above, and these can be used to improve the chances of being picked ahead of the competition to fill a post.


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