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Make Up Artist Jobs: An Overview of the Role

Being a make up artist opens many doors, as great ones are highly sought out. Let's explore this line of work in depth.

Those that grow up with an interest in the beauty and fashion industry may look to turn this into a career, and there are a few options open for this. Make up artist jobs are one of these, and working in this profession provides the opportunity to help people make the best of their looks. Make up artists can work in a variety of capacities and the following are some details of the occupation.

Nature of the Work

Make up artists typically interpret the requirements of their clients to provide them with the best look. This includes applying a range of products from lipstick to blusher, eye shadow, mascara and a variety of other make up types. They pick products to suit the features, coloring and skin type of an individual such that it best suits their needs.

Education and Training

Individuals looking to work in make up artist jobs need to get the requisite training to understand the basic of the jobs, the types of products available and the tools used to best apply them. There are a variety of make up schools available running cosmetology and esthetic courses. While some of these provide a general overview of the requirements of the job, others provide education in more specialized roles such as cinema or special effects make up. For those that want to focus on a particular make up artist role it can be best to look for a school specializing in this, although for others a general education in make up may be a better choice. A state-licensed cosmetology school can be a good choice as this can provide an all-round education in the requirements of a make up artist. Places to find details of schools include Make Up Artist World and Make Up Artist Schools.


Working in make up artist jobs in many settings typically requires state licensure.  Many employers, such as salons and spas, usually require this although it can vary and checking with the state licensure board is the best way to find the requirements for where you intend to provide services.

Career Options

Those that choose to enter the make up profession have a number of options for where to work. The following are some of those to consider for anyone entering the field.

Film, Television and Theater Make Up – make up artist jobs in this field involve working with the actors to apply make up for the role they are playing. While this can involve standard beauty make up, it can also include special effects make up to change the appearance of an actor for the needs of the movie or play. This can include making someone look older, ill, injured or a range of other effects. It can also include the application of prosthetics and other false parts.

Department Store – Those working in this setting will look to show clients the benefits of a variety of products and brands. They can provide demonstrations for individuals and groups of how these are applied, and will look to generate sales of the products they demonstrate.

Salons and Spas – These facilities usually offer those that visit a range of treatments and make up can be one of these. It will typically involve working one-to-one with clients to apply make up and show them the best ways in which to do this.

Magazines – Fashion and beauty magazines typically have a variety of photos included in their editions and make up artists will typically work with the models to provide them with the look a magazine is aiming to achieve. Catalogs and advertising are other print mediums where make up artists can work with models to provide them with a specific look.

Direct Sales – This typically involves working for a company to market their make up brands. It can include one-to-one meetings with clients, or in-home parties and demonstrations to show the benefits of the products.

Consultant Work – Many make up artists work on a consultant basis and offer services for events such as weddings and other special occasions. This generally involves visiting the home of clients to professionally apply their make up.

For anyone that enjoys the fashion and beauty world, working in make up artist jobs can be a good option. It provides the choice of a range of interesting work where you can help clients get the look they want, and this can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

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