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Making Yourself More Available For Modeling Jobs

In a competitive field, finding modeling jobs seems like a job in and of itself. Here are some ways to increase your rate of success when it comes to landing gigs.

Ensuring that you’re able to get work and do so when any types of opportunities arise is really important when you’re pursuing something like modeling jobs.  You’ll find that this is a special type of career that’s going to take a lot of work on your part, and that’s going to mean you have to put in the time and effort that’s needed to get your name out there.  If you can’t get out there and be seen, you’re not going to find good paying work, and that can be a bit of a problem when it comes to actually having a full on career.  There are a few things that you’re going to find you’ll want to do, and you have to be sure to keep all of them in mind when seeking modeling jobs.

Basically this means knowing where to go to start getting noticed, but then you also want to do the right things so that you can build your portfolio as well.  This is really vital, as not having a visual portfolio that you can showcase to your prospective employers is going to mean that you really don’t qualify for practically any job, and that’s really not something that you want.  So it’s vital that you’re prepared for what hunting down modeling jobs entails, and here’s some things that you’re going to want to keep in mind when seeking out career opportunities:

1)  Clearly define what you are comfortable doing.

This is a necessity so that you can ensure that people are only trying to hire you for the jobs that you’re comfortable with.  For example, are you comfortable with nude modeling even if it’s done in a tasteful way?  Or are there certain types of shoots or travel arrangements you just can’t possibly accommodate, etc.  You want to be sure that you have a pretty clearly defined set of standards, so that you know what you can and cannot do, so that it’s easier to tell photographers or potential hiring companies.  Plus it assures that there will be no pressure on you for pictures that you don’t want to pose for.

2) Get yourself online.

This means that you want to develop an online presence, so that it’s that much easier for people to come to you and be interested in what you have to offer them.  This means actually ensuring that you’re able to make yourself seen online by posting a profile through model social networking.  Places like or are some of your absolute best bets for finding work. Here you can post tons of pictures, put your actual resume and work history, and just make sure it’s that much easier for you to get in touch with others.

3) Pay for headshots.

You have to ensure that you have some good photographs to show off your ability, as a model that nobody can see is not going to be able to find work very easily.  That means you have to actually pose for pictures of your own that you pay a professional photographer to take.  But you also want to be sure that you take free opportunities to pose for pictures at first, under the agreement that you can have some of them to post online.  This way, you can be sure that you’re going to have professional quality images that you can show off before getting work, which is a necessity.

4) Look for open casting calls.

Remember that photographers are rarely going to come to you until you’ve built up a reputation.  Instead you have to make sure that you actually go to them, and this is going to mean that you have to look into open casting calls.  You’ll find that typically you can apply at the same types of sites that you’re able to post your profiles and resumes upon.  But typically you want to send your resume with jobs you’ve taken, as well as a portfolio of work that you’ve done and how you’ve been photographed before.   This type of application process is the most common type that you’re going to go through, and typically it’s going to entail auditions and other such types of preliminary work, and it’s the best path to ensuring that you can make your name and get the high paying modeling jobs.

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