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Military Jobs For Civilians: Finding and Getting The Right Job

There are a ton of military jobs for civilians out there that don't involve combat. If you'd like to apply for one, here are the things to keep in mind.

Not many people realize just how many military jobs for civilians there are in the United States, but there are a ton of opportunities out there where you can serve you country with pride, without having to enlist.  Not everybody is so keen on enlisting with the military, as it’s basically signing your life away for a temporary period of time, where you really have no standard workers rights, outside of the command structure that’s in front of you.  That’s why civilian military contracts are so useful, and provide you with so many great opportunities to still do a lot of good.

But that also means that you need to know where you would like to work, and what type of position really interests you the most.  There are a lot of different types of military jobs for civilians out there, and you want to be sure that you’re able to select the type of career that’s going to prove to be the most rewarding as well as enthralling to you.  There are a lot of choices out there, and not all of them are going to be the right fit, which is why you want to make your decision carefully:

1) The many benefits of military jobs for civilians

One thing that you’re going to find with positions and careers like these, is that they can come with a ton of great benefits.  Most typically as a civilian working military contracts, you’re going to have the opportunity to take advantage of all sorts of fantastic benefits.  Those can include things like full medical, as well as life and even dental benefits.  But you also get a severance package, as well as great retirement benefits depending upon how long you’re able to work in the job.

2) You also have all the same great advantages any good job would provide.

Most people also don’t realize that being a civilian in the military also means that you’re still privy to all the great benefits that you would get from any other type of full time job.  That includes paid vacation time, as well as holidays, and a good amount of sick days as well.  This way, you can still take your time off, like you would be able to do in a normal type of job. Plus you can also dictate when you’re going to take time off, so you can work it around your schedule as much as possible.

3) Research the position that you want to apply for.

The military does have pretty strict requirements for some civilian jobs, usually the higher paying ones, and they really demand excellence from their employees.  That means you will have to be properly prepared for your job, and that means figuring out the requirements you’re going to need to fill in order to land the position.  You can typically find a list of these by visiting the military’s website for civilian applicants at Civilian Personnel Online.

4) Civilians with military spouses can get preferential treatment.

If you have a spouse in the military, you can typically get preferential treatment on getting a job, and maintaining one on the same base.  This way, you’re able to see one another and interact, and even live in the same area in some cases.  Of course you still have to meet all the basic qualifications as there really are no free rides when it comes to military service.  But it is one perk, and it can be a great way to be able to somewhat work together, even if you are not willing to enlist.

5) Applying for the right job is actually pretty easy.

From there you’re really ready to apply for the position that you’ve chosen, that you meet the requirements for as dictated by the website above.  You can usually apply for any military jobs for civilians through the HR or human resources department of the base that you want to work within.  All of them are required to have HR departments, and this is where you can fill out an applications, inquire about work, and see what sorts of opportunities they are currently hiring for.  That way you can plot and plan, and fill out your application to guarantee you’ll get the job.

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