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Nannies for Hire: Qualities to Look For and Where to Find Them

If you're looking for nannies for hire, we'll show you where to find them and what qualities to look for in a nanny.

In many families these days both parents require to work, and this can mean they need to find some childcare assistance to look after their kids. This is something that many parents with younger children have to consider, and it may be required for a few hours a day or longer, depending on the particular circumstances. Most will look for nannies for hire, and there are a few factors that need to be considered when doing this.

Where to Find Nannies

Nannies for hire can be identified in a variety of ways, and there are a number of places where their services can be found. Many individuals advertise their services through the classified ads of a local newspapers or local directories, and this can be a way to find a candidate. However this puts the onus on the parent to find out about the qualifications of the individual, and these need to be checked to ensure that a candidate has the requisite skills to do the job. An alternative to this can be to seek the services of a nanny through a reputable agency. An agency will typically carry out their own checks on the nannies they have on their books and, while it is still important for parents to check a candidates details, there is a little more reassurance that a nanny sourced through an agency will have the proper qualifications for the job.

Agencies can be found in a few ways and may also advertise through local publications and directories. Many agencies and nanny services now use the internet and there are a number of these available. Examples of this include Nannies4Hire, NannyLookup and NannyPro. Typically these will have the option of part-time and full-time nannies and can be a good place to identify suitable candidates when in the market for a nanny. In many cases the websites will enable parents to post an advert looking for a nanny, such that candidates who think they are suitable can apply, and many can find this a more convenient way to find a nanny.

Qualities to Look For When Hiring

There are a number of qualities that nannies for hire should have, with the following being some of those for parents to consider.

Trustworthiness – while it can be hard to judge this until someone is actually working for you, it is an important quality to consider. Parents need to have faith that a nanny is caring for their child properly, and in the early stages of work keeping a close eye on a nanny can help to show if they are trustworthy. Spending some time at home with them to see how they care for your child should help, and another good option can be to drop in on them occasionally when they are not expecting it to see how they are coping.

Ease With Children – Letting a prospective nanny meet, and spend some time with a child prior to hiring them should show if they are at ease and confident around children. It is obviously important that they are such that you can leave your child with them in confidence.

Interest – Again, letting a prospective nanny spend a little time with a child should show if they have a genuine interest in getting to know and understand them, which can be important in them doing a good job.

Respectful – It is important that a nanny is on the same wavelength as the parents they work for and respects the position they take in terms of how the child should be raised. A nanny should be flexible enough to work within the rules that a parent sets for a child, rather than trying to instill their own values onto a kid.

Qualifications – While nannies for hire do not necessarily require formal training for the job, it can be worth checking the qualifications they have. Many have trained in child development and early childhood education, and those that have may be better qualified for parents that are looking for a nanny to provide some basic teaching as well as caring for the child.

Experience – this is obviously important as many parents will want a nanny that has proved in previous employment that they have the capabilities to do the job. Asking for references is the best way to check the experience of a nanny.

Employing someone to help look after your kids is an important task for many parents with busy working lives. Whether needed on a part-time or full-time basis, there are a variety of places to find nannies for hire. The details above provide some information on the qualities that should be looked for and the locations to find them, and this can help parents in their search for a suitable candidate.

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