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Narrowing Down Which Forensic Science Jobs and Careers are Right For You

Forensic science jobs are essential to the well being of our legal system, and anyone in the field can contribute to crime reduction. Which of these career paths is best for you?

Picking a career field is hard enough, but then choosing just the sort of job that you want to work within that given field, is going to cause you to find yourself with a whole new level of questions.  That’s because there are a ton of opportunities within any one given field, and that’s really true of a career like forensic science jobs.  What you’re going to find here is that you want to choose the branch in which you want to work, because you’re going to find that you have to model your education on that basis.  The amount of education that you need to work any given career is going to be different based upon the path that you select, so you have to be prepared.

With something like forensic science jobs, you’re going to find that it’s all about the level of actual crime or medical investigation that you want to be involved within.  Some positions are more about finding out what happened from a medical standpoint so that the investigation can move forward.  While others are more about actually tying a suspect to a crime.  Both can offer very different experiences, so you want to have an idea of exactly what they mean.

1) But first off, what are forensic science jobs?

This type of science is dedicated to the study of a broad spectrum of different types of sciences and scientific approaches as they can be used within the legal system to provide answers to legal questions and problems.  That means the study of how people commit crimes, so that you can tie them to the events in question, and so that you can catch suspects that are suspected of having committed said crimes.  This is all about utilizing science to tie someone to somewhere that the law has been broken, so that you can get them behind bars, even when you don’t have a witness.

2) Picking a branch.

There are several different branches of forensic science jobs, and you want to be prepared for what comes alongside any given career.  Here are the most common that you’ll have to choose from, and what they can present to you:

– Crime scene investigator jobs

This is a type of career by which you’re actually responsible for going to crime scenes, and investigating where crimes have happened.  That means searching for fibers, fingerprints, DNA, and just about any other type of evidence that can be left behind, so that you can try and catch who perpetrated the incident.

– Ballistics experts

This is the study of bullets and how they are fired and would react based upon a crime scene.  This means testing and determining the exact types of guns and bullets that were used for the crime.  But also calculating things like trajectory, as well as where shots were fired, to paint an even better picture of the crime scene, which is always going to make it that much easier for investigators to work.

– Forensic Chemists

If the microscopic side of crime scene investigations interests you, then this is where you want to work.  This is the study of determining things like evidence gained through microscopy as well as optical analysis, and even chromatography.  This way, not even the smallest detail can escape you in a crime scene, so that you’re able to catch the perpetrators guaranteed.

– Medical Examiner

Basically these are doctors that only work with their patients postmortem.  That means you investigate bodies and perform autopsies to determine the cause of death.  This is a necessity in cases where people die unexpectedly or violently, so that it can be determined if foul play was at hand.

3) Job outlook and expectation.

You’re going to find that forensic science jobs are in high demand, and have been for some time.  They are on a higher rate of growth than other types of career paths, mostly because as technology advances they are invaluable in every investigation, which means they are put to more and more cases, which means they are overly spread out in many major cities.  That’s the best place to apply and to make your name, because  both law firms and city law enforcement offices are almost always providing work opportunities.

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