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Offshore Oil Rig Jobs: What You Can Expect With A Career

Read this summary of offshore oil rig jobs to find out what a career in this line of work involves.

Something like offshore oil rig jobs is a career path that can be extremely lucrative, and that is going to offer plenty of potential to pay you a lot of money down the line.  However, they are also difficult and entirely hard jobs to work, so you have to be prepared for everything that comes with them.  You’re going to be facing some really difficult work, and if you’re not prepared for that you can experience some major culture shock when it comes to applying for the job.  That’s why you want to know what you’re getting into beforehand, to make sure an oil rig career is the right choice for you.

The first thing that you want to understand here is that the work is entirely difficult.  That means you’re going to be facing some really long hours, in addition to some extremely difficult workloads.  What you can also expect is a pretty good salary, in addition to fantastic benefits in most cases.  Plus there are a ton of places in the world where oil is such a common career type, and they are always looking for those that have the chops to make a go in the industry.  Here are some keys to finding the right type of offshore oil rig jobs, and what you can expect from them as well:

1) Understand the risks of working first.

These are extremely dangerous places, and you have to be prepared for what you’re going to have to face with them.  That usually includes the risk of things like blowouts, burnouts, falling pipes, gas leaks, and a ton of other mishaps and dangerous risks as well.  You have to be prepared for all of this, and that means taking the proper precautions and getting the proper education.  But also just ensuring that you’re ready to work in a place with this much pressure and this much danger around you at all times.  Not everyone can handle that, and you have to make sure you can.

2) Opportunities.

For experienced workers especially, there’s a ton of opportunity in the international market.  You’re going to find that there are a lot of jobs out there, whether in countries like Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates as well, you’re going to find that there are a lot of oil havens always looking for skilled workers. That also means usually that you’re going to be looking at working in the middle east, so you have to be prepared for the risk that comes with this as well.

3) Certain health requirements need to be met.

You’ll find that you have to meet certain requirements before you’re cleared to work any types of offshore oil rig jobs as well, so you have to be prepared in turn for these.  That means ensuring that you’re healthy and fit in most cases, as the work is really hard so they have to be sure that your body is up to the task.  But it also means ensuring that you don’t have any medical concerns that could be a problem.  Things like respiratory or even heart anomalies can mean that you won’t be able to work this type of job, so you are going to have to be careful.

4) What type of a salary can you expect?

In most cases you’re going to find that you can expect pretty great pay right off the bat, and usually you are going to be looking forward to a $50,000 career at the very least.  But pay goes way up from there, leaving you with plenty of potential to make more and more money as well. You’re also going to find that with most career types like these, you have a certain amount of job security the more experience that you have, as oil is extremely delicate so experienced workers are always in demand.

5) However, you have to prepare for your future.

You can only work the lower end offshore oil rig jobs like roughnecks and the like, for so long before your body just burns out.  That’s why you have to be sure that you have or are getting the education that you’ll need to make money beyond this period of time.  By going for certain engineering degrees for example, you can end up with higher up oil rig careers, so that you can boss the job, and well more than triple the salary that you would have had otherwise.

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