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Pastry Chef Jobs: Skills You Must Learn To Succeed

Pastry chefs are in high demand these days as America's sweet tooth is as strong as it's ever been. Here are the necessary steps to take before scoring a position.

Becoming a chef is a fantastic career path for anyone to pursue, as it’s one of those industries that always has employment opportunities available all over the US.  But if you’re looking for a more specialized dedicated type of career, you want to concentrate on pastry chef jobs.  These are some of the upper echelon impressive jobs that enable you to really express your artistic talents, and have them come out in your food in ways that you can’t achieve with other types of food.  That’s because this is specifically working with pastries, baked goods, and other forms of deserts and the like. 

The pastry chef job description that’s most commonly found, are those that deal with deserts and pastries of all different kinds.  However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, and working with such finicky materials will almost make you a glutton for punishment at times.  That’s because the pastry chef trade is a very specific job. Unlike other chef positions where experimentation and adding things liberally can actually make a dish better. Being a pasty chef is more like a chemistry experiment, you have to be extremely careful with your recipes, because the slightest mistake can ruin the entire dish. 

That’s why there are some skills you need to attain, and things that you’ll need to do in order to become a qualified pastry chef:

1) Attain a pastry chef education.

This means getting the skills that you really need so that you can be sure that you’re able to understand baking and it’s much finer points.  When you’re not baking at home, things like flavor, consistency, as well as the look of your end product are all of vital importance.  That’s why it’s really important you take relevant classes in high school to prepare you, but then that you move on to a cooking specific school of some sort.  This way, you can train under established pastry chefs, so that you can learn the trade before you even get into the field.

2) Volunteer at kitchens, or pursue internships whenever possible.

Pastry chef jobs are always looking to be filled, and they are a career path that many people are afraid to undertake, because you do have to be so patient and highly skilled.  That’s why it’s important that you find as many opportunities as possible to put your skills into action in the real world.  Through places like restaurants you can get a feel for working in a real busy kitchen, and the conditions that that will present, so that you can learn how to get around them and deal with everything that could come up. 

3) Get some sort of actual pastry chef certification.

If you want to be in the upper echelon of pastry chef salary brackets, you have to be sure that you have certification as a chef in some way shape or form.  Typically this is best done through one of three ways.  It’s usually acceptable to either have an actual certification that you have sufficient knowledge to handle any type of actual baking job.  But then you can also find that having an associates degree from an accredited school, or having a bachelor’s degree is also totally sufficient for the job market. 

4) Remember that sometimes you also need to seek specialized training for some careers.

If you’re looking to work beyond just a restaurant, or you want to be a candidate for more specialized pastry chef jobs, you have to get the specialized training for that career path.  That means you have to get the type of training that can make all the difference for specific paths like:


This is the art of specifically dealing with chocolate, and all the magic that you can make though different types of fantastic chocolaty goods.  Chocolate is a finicky type of ingredient to work with however, and it’s remarkably easy to burn, so you do have to be careful when it comes to using it for your everyday needs.

                -Artisan Bread Bakers

You’re going to find that bread is also a fine art, and to craft some of the more difficult varieties, you have to have an extremely skilled hand.  Plus bread can be a huge pain without the right skill set, because there are so many variables on trying to get the bread to rise, and be ready for actual baking.

                -Research Chefs

These are chefs that literally go into the science of things, to research the chemistry aspects of pastries, so that you literally go into and break down what works, and why things work.

                -Wedding Pastry Chefs.

These are pastry chef careers that specifically deal with weddings, and all the fantastic treats that can come throughout out.  With this sort of a career, you would literally be responsible for making things like wedding cakes, as well as all sorts of other goodies to be present at a wedding.

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