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Preparing For International Social Work Jobs and Careers

With the right planning, international social work jobs can be a great career choice and a highly rewarding experience. Here's how to best prepare to land a great position.

How you prepare for a career and where you plan on taking that career in terms of the heights that you hope to reach is really vital to plan out early on, so that you can make sure that you’re setting off with some firm career goals in mind.  That’s essential to success, and you’ll find that you’re really not going to be able to take your career ambition very far without the right type of prep. That’s why you want to be carefully considering things like what you need to be doing to land the best possible international social work jobs, long before you apply.  There’s a ton off competition in a field like this, and if it’s the type of work that you’re really after, then you have to beat out most of the competition just at the application phase.

You’ll find that not having the right accolades in order is really going to limit just how far you’ll be able to go when it comes to the hopes and ambitions of your career.  There’s a lot that you should be doing, and that you’re going to want to be doing in order to really qualify for international social work jobs, and show that you’re the top candidate for the job.  Here are just a few of the things you’ll have to think about and plan around, if you really want to succeed in this line of work:

Figuring out what aspect of international social work jobs you actually want to work.

This is of course a really vital part of the path, as if you don’t know where you want to work, it’s going to be pretty hard for you to figure out what type of path you should follow right?  You’re going to find that there will be a lot of opportunities with this type of career, so it’s all about choosing carefully, but here are the most common branches:

  • Case workers

This is one of the most common types of positions, and is one in which it’s your responsibility to actually take on cases and then make sure that the living conditions of the persons involved are appropriate, and that all the necessary care is being taken.  In an international capacity, sometimes this is all about ensuing the transition between cultures is happening appropriately smoothly.

  • Child and family services

Perhaps the type of position that most international social work jobs are known for, this is where you actually counsel families and persons to make sure they can handle the rigors of taking care of children, or to make sure the children themselves are growing up in a healthy enough establishment.  It can be a hard job, and you’ll find that taking on the work isn’t always easy however.

  • Gerontology services

This is where you take care of the elderly, because not many people realize actually how often they are abused.  It’s truly a sad thing considering that we’ll all be old one day should we live long enough, so it doesn’t make sense to treat them improperly or with a prejudice.  Here you can fight that, by protecting the elderly and the conditions in which they are living.

Backing up your choice of international social work jobs with degrees.

With any types of international social work careers you’re going to find that you have to go for a pretty involved degree if you really want to be able to strive to the top of your field.  That means starting out with a four year education, and your bachelor of social work degree with an emphasis on international cases.  But then you have to go for a two year masters course as well, and beyond that another 2 years doctorate course if you really want to take your education properly far.  There are only so many jobs here, and there are always going to be several applicants, so the more qualified that you are the better.

Searching for international social worker positions.

Finally, searching for the right job is going to be a big part of your experience as well, as there are a lot of jobs out there and you’re also going to find that they are not always the easiest things to hunt down.  But you can make the search all the easier by visiting the right websites, and two of your top choices are going to include as well as  Both can provide you with all sorts of quality opportunities, so that you can search for your next career furthering job.


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