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Pros and Cons of Using Medical Employment Agencies to Find a Job

Are medical employment agencies worth using in your pursuit of a job? Why not consider the pros and cons before deciding?

The healthcare industry is a big employer and many people enter this field, which has a variety of job opportunities. For those looking for work in the healthcare profession, using the services of medical employment agencies can be a way to find a job. These are companies that match medical staff that register with them to open job opportunities. This is typically done on a temporary basis, although permanent employment can also sometimes be found. While using an employment agency can be a way to get assistance in the job market, there are pros and cons to using their services and these need to be considered prior to signing up.


Easier to find work

One of the major advantages of using medical employment agencies is that it can be easier and quicker to find work, as opposed to searching the job market yourself. Agencies typically have a range of clients that will approach them with opportunities they have available, and if this is suited to the skills you have, the agency may contact you to offer the position. This can take some of the effort out of job hunting, with the clients that the agency has making it easier to find suitable positions.

Making Contacts

With the temporary nature of the work typically offered by medical recruitment agencies, this provides the opportunity to work for a number of different healthcare facilities. This can be useful in terms of networking and making contacts, and this in turn has the potential to lead to more permanent job opportunities. For those starting out in the job market it can therefore be a useful way to find employment. Working for a medical facility and demonstrating that you have the capabilities to successfully undertake the work required may place you in a better position to find permanent work with them should an opportunity arise.

Free to use

Typically medical employment agencies make their money from the companies with which they place employees. The service should therefore be free for those that apply to, and are accepted by an agency. For those that join an agency, there should be no cost involved and for the benefits they can gain in terms of finding employment, this can make it worthwhile


Lack of Consistency

One of the disadvantages of signing up to a medical employment agency can be the lack of consistency. Jobs are typically carried out on a short term basis and this can mean moving around a lot and constantly having to adapt to new travelling, co-workers and managers. This can make it difficult to settle into a working environment and this can add further strain to what may already be a stressful job. There can also be periods of time between jobs when work is not available, and this can mean waiting around without a pay check coming in until the next opportunity becomes available.

Lack of benefits

Those that are employed in short term positions typically do not enjoy the benefits that may come with more permanent employment and this can be perceived by many as a disadvantage of working through a healthcare recruitment agency. This can include missing out on affordable benefits such as employer health insurance, retirement saving, paid vacation time and paid sick leave. This generally means that someone working in a temporary position through an agency will have to arrange their own benefits and this can be more time consuming to do and ultimately more expensive.

Availability at a moments notice

Another downside of working through a medical recruitment agency can be the short notice period given when work becomes available. This can mean reporting to a new position with little time to prepare. A short notice period can also potentially occur when leaving a temporary position and this may leave little time to find the next position before a job ends.

For medical staff in the job market there are a number of ways to find work. Medical employment agencies are an option to consider and while these can be a useful, there are pros and cons to using them. Some of these are shown above and they should be fully considered before taking the decision to sign up with an agency to try and find work.

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