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Seven Great Jobs for College Students to Earn Quick Cash

Jobs for college students can bring in some great extra money part time during the school year, or over the summer. Here are seven that any student can excel at.

Many people choose to go to college to study for a future career, and these days it can be an expensive business. For this reason many people that study will choose to also find some employment to help them with the expense of fees, as well as to have a little money for themselves. For those that choose to do this there are a variety of jobs for college students that can be used to earn quick cash, and the following are a few of them.

Online Writing

Students will typically write a lot of essays and study reports and therefore should be in a position to transfer the skills they are learning to online writing. There are a number of websites these days that offer the chance to sign up for free and get paid to write decent articles on a wide range of subjects. Some such as Helium can be signed up to without requiring to be accepted. Others such Demand Studios have qualification conditions, and writers need to be accepted to work on the site. However, these and other paid writing sites offer the chance to make some quick money for those that can write quickly and put in the effort.

Secret Shopping

For those that enjoy spending some time shopping, an option to make some money at this is to work as a secret shopper. A few companies offer these positions and it is basically reporting what service you got when you entered a particular store, retailer, restaurant or other service orientated business. The aim is to provide details of your experience in the shop, and a form is typically completed following the visit and returned to the company. For students that naturally enjoy shopping it can be a way to make some money while doing this. For those looking to work as a secret shopper the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) can be a place to find companies offering these types of jobs for college students.


An option for some students is to offer tutoring services for junior and high school students. Many will have the requisite skills to do this in the subjects they are studying at college and it is a way to pass on the knowledge you have while making some money. The options available these days include online tutoring, or offering private lessons to younger students in the area where you are based.

Restaurant/Store Part Time Work

Many restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, stores and retailers have opportunities for part-time jobs and this type of work can be fitted around a college schedule. Most college towns and cities will have a number of options available for this type of work and it can be a way to make some money. Some hire all year round, while many others will have seasonal summer or winter holiday work available, and checking the options in your local area can be a way to find these types of jobs for college students.

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is another online opportunity for making some quick money. It is operated by Amazon and essentially puts together employers looking to have simple jobs done, with people that can do these. The jobs are known as Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) and rewards for doing them can range from a few cents to upwards of $5. Most are fairly straightforward tasks such as writing some text, giving your opinion or filling in a survey, and for those willing to invest a little time in it there is money to be made. It is free to register as a worker and once you have done so you can browse through the jobs list and select those that you think you can complete.

Bank Teller

A decent part time job to consider as a college student is working as a bank teller. While this is an option for anyone looking to make some money, it can be useful for students looking to a career in finances and accounting. The job can be done on a part time basis and it is possible to fit it around a college schedule. While it does not necessarily have to be a career you are looking to pursue after graduation, it can be a useful way of making money while at college.

Data Entry Jobs

For those that can type quickly and can sit for a period of time working on a computer, data entry jobs are an option to consider. Companies such as Earn Part Time offer this type of job and it basically involves tasks such as online data entry and form filling. Many of the jobs are part time and home based, and it can therefore be carried out to suit a college schedule when you have the time available.

College can be a great experience and provide you with the qualifications to land a lucrative and rewarding job. However the years of study can be expensive and finding a way of making some additional cash can help with college fees and living expenses. The jobs for college students shown above are some of those to consider for making some quick cash to help better enjoy your time studying.

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