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Six Figure Jobs with Few Educational Requirements

Not all six figure jobs require a fancy degree. Here are five that pay $100k+, with few educational requirements.

Most high paying jobs which offer lucrative career prospects will generally involve a great deal of formal education and training, with examples of this including doctors, lawyers and financiers. However, surprisingly enough, the degree educated route to a high paying career is not the only option, and there are a few six figure jobs that require fewer education requirements. For those interested in this, some of the potential options include the following.

Court Reporter

The job of a court reporter typically involves the task of taking accurate notes of the proceedings in court and it is important role. While formal education in the shape of a degree is not required to enter the profession, some training is generally required and this can usually be gained through the National Court Reporters Association. Those that enter the profession need to have excellent typing skills, which can keep pace with the proceedings, and for those that enter the profession salaries in excess of $100,000 are achievable.

Air Traffic Controller

As the cost of air travel has reduced, more and more people choose this as a way of getting around, which puts more planes in the sky. This presents opportunities for air traffic controllers, and those at the top of the profession are known to earn in excess of $150,000. While formal education is not a requirement of the job, rigorous training is required for the demands of the job. This can be carried out at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) training facility, which is located in Oklahoma City. While it can be a stressful career, for those with the requisite skills and training, it is a way to get involved in one of the six figure jobs that does not specifically require a degree educated background.

Elevator Mechanic

High rise buildings are a common sight in most large towns and cities and these will generally have an elevator installed for the benefit of those using the building. This creates a need for elevator mechanics to service and repair elevators, and this can be a six figure job for those that work in the industry. The general way to get involved in the profession is through a working apprenticeship with a building-trade union, and contacting a local union should usually provide details of how to become involved. It is a career that typically offers good job security, and with new construction projects building ever more high-rise buildings there is no lack of work.

Fire Chief

Although a fire chief can come from a degree educated background, it is not an absolute requirement of the job and the option is there for anyone that enters the fire fighting profession to work there way to this level. It generally takes a number of years of committed service to rise to the position, but it is open to anyone that is prepared to devote some effort to advancing their career to reach fire chief level. Management and leadership skills are important for the position, and the job involves a number of roles including dealing with daily call-outs, as well as hiring staff, dealing with budgets and other administrative duties. Those that rise to the level of fire chief can make in excess of $100,000, and it can also be a rewarding career to be involved with.

Director of Security

One of the six figure jobs that is an option for many people to consider is as a director of security. Typically large companies, hotels and other organizations will offer this position to ensure the security of their buildings and staff, and in many cases it can offer a salary in excess of $100,000. Education in the form of a degree is not a requirement for those looking to take up a position in this profession, and many can work their way up to the position of security director. While it is a job that is potentially open to anyone, those that have previously been involved in law or military duties can have a better chance of securing a position.

While most people tend to think of higher education as way to earn a big salary, there are careers where this is not the case. Those shown above are a few where formal education is not an absolute requirement of entering the profession, and for those that reach the top of the career, they are potentially six figure jobs.



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