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Six Law Enforcement Jobs to Consider When Starting Out

Interested in law enforcement jobs but unsure of where to start? Here are six great ideas.

There are a variety of law enforcement jobs for those that want to enter this field of work, although not all are open to individuals looking to enter the profession. Many jobs require a candidate to have some form of experience before making an application, although there are still plenty of opportunities for those starting out. The following are six options to consider for getting a career in law enforcement of the ground.

US Capitol Police

The US Capitol Police service provides law enforcement services to the congressional community by policing the large area covered by congressional buildings, open areas and the streets around these. Training to become a member of this police force can be a way into law enforcement and it is open to US citizens between the age of 21 and 37. Initial applications can be done online and this enables a candidate to take the entry level, three-part written exam. Successfully passing the entry exam admits a candidate to an intensive period of training, first for 12 weeks at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and then a further 13 weeks at the Capitol Police Training Academy. Successfully completing this enables an individual to enter the force and start their duties, which begins by working with a field training officer and progresses on from there.

National Park Law Enforcement Officer

There are more than 300 National Parks across the US, and these are popular locations for tourists and visitors. The Park Ranger Service is a federal law enforcement agency, which employs officers to police the National Parks, and this can be a way to gain experience. These law enforcement jobs have a few qualifications, including that the applicant must be a US citizen, be at least 21 years old, must pass a physical and complete a background investigation. There are various ways to gain entry as a park ranger. The National Park Service hire seasonal officers in the summer months, and this can be a way to advance to a permanent position. There are also student education/employment programs run by the National Park Service, where applicants can study as well as gain work experience, and successfully completing a program can lead to a permanent position.

Border Patrol Agent

A career as a Border Patrol Agent is an option to consider for those considering entering the law enforcement profession. This job involves policing the borders of the US for a few different purposes including stopping the illegal entry of non-US citizens, as well as stopping terrorists and the weapons they use entering the county. Those looking to join the agency must be under the age of 40, be a US citizen or resident, be fluent in Spanish or willing to learn the language, and also pass fitness tests and background checks. Passing the initial stage enables candidates to undertake a period of training at the Border Patrol Agency Academy, with additional training following this for those in need of Spanish language training. Completing the training will result in a posting to one of the Border Agency assignments.

Transportation Security Officer

The Transportation Security Administration is involved in protecting the security of the US transportation system and they have a variety of jobs related to law enforcement. One option for those looking to start a career is a transportation security officer working at an airport. This job involves implementing the procedures for security screening to ensure aircraft are safe to travel on. This includes screening passengers, as well as baggage and cargo to ensure that dangerous objects are stopped from entering a plane. The TSA has higher level law enforcement jobs such as air marshals, and becoming a transportation security office is an entry level position that can gain an individual experience to advance their career.

Immigration Enforcement Officer

An immigration enforcement officer works for the US Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) Service. They are the uniformed officers responsible for enforcement duties related to the investigation and removal of illegal aliens in the US, as well as investigating and apprehending those trying to avoid removal from the country. The application of this job is done through an automated, online process and those that pass this are typically called for interview and evaluation. This process can last two to four months before a candidate will successfully be picked. This leads on to a period of orientation and training to prepare an individual for the duties they will carry out.

Private Security Guard

Private security guards are typically employed by individuals, companies and other organizations as a means of protecting their properties and land, as well as helping to enforce the rules and law in these private areas. They are important in providing security and help to deter any criminal activity that may otherwise arise without their presence. Private security guards are becoming more common these days, as employers look to protect their investments, and working in this field of employment can be a way for an individual to gain experience to get a law enforcement career started.

There are a variety of ways to get a foothold in the law enforcement profession, and it is a career that many people consider. While a number of law enforcement jobs require an applicant to have some experience in the profession, this is not the case for all. The six options shown above are some of those to consider for entry level candidates and these can help in gaining the experience to get a career in law enforcement started.

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