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Six Types of Car Driving Jobs to Consider

Car driving jobs are always in demand, and often less rigorous than trucking positions. Here are six types that may be of interest to you.

Driving is a skill that can be utilized in the working world like any other, and for those with a valid license and a clean record, there are a few options available. For anyone that wants to use their driving abilities as a means of finding work, there are a number of car driving jobs available, with some of those to consider including the following.

Taxi Driver

One of the most common car driving jobs is a taxi driver, and larger towns and cities will typically have a number of workers employed in this business. Taxis provide a convenient way for people to get around a city, and there are a few requirements for those looking to enter this profession. Typically the options include owning a vehicle and working independently, or alternatively renting a vehicle from a fleet company. Those looking to do this typically need a regular driving license, and in many areas also need a taxi drivers license. There is generally no formal education required, although many fleet companies will provide on-the-job training for new drivers. It is also important to have a good knowledge of the area you plan to drive, to ensure that customers are provided with a good service.


While similar in a few respects to a taxi driver, there are some differences to working as a chauffeur. While taxis offer a public service, where anyone can jump into the vehicle to travel to a destination, chauffeur trips are more commonly pre-arranged, with the driver picking up the customer at a pre-determined location and dropping them off at their destination. Those that work in this type of car driving job typically work for private companies, government organizations and wealthy people. This can involve driving a luxury vehicle owned by individuals and organizations, or one that is hired out by a company. Typically to enter the profession, a valid driving license is required and a chauffeur license may be required to operate in some locations.


Courier drivers are most commonly employed by companies in the business of delivering documents and packages, with examples of this including FedEx and UPS. However, they may also work for private companies, government agencies or organizations that have a need to transport a lot of packages as part of their daily operations. The job generally involves working in a local area, picking up a consignment from a location and delivering it safely to the destination point. Depending on the company worked for they may offer same-day or quicker services, and while no formal education is required, most new drivers will receive basic on-the-job training from an employer.

Food Delivery Driver

Many people like to order food to have at home rather than dining out, and this provides an opening for food delivery drivers. Many cafes, restaurants and fast food joints will offer home delivery services and will employ drivers to transport the food to customers. While some may have a vehicle available, in many cases the driver may have to use their own vehicle. As well as transporting the food, delivery drivers are expected to deal with money by receiving payment and providing change where required.

Auto Auction/Car Dealership Driver

The car sales and rental industry is big business, with many people looking to own or hire a vehicle. Car auctions, large car dealerships, and car hire companies can work with large fleets of vehicles and many have the need to move these around on a regular basis. In many cases they may hire a driver to serve this need, and these car driving jobs typically involve moving vehicles from location to location as required to suit the business needs of the company. To be employed in this profession, a regular driving license with a clean record is generally required, and it may involve other tasks such as car washing and detailing.

Racing Driver

For those with exceptional driving skills and who are competitive in nature, a career as a race driver is a car driving job to consider. Those interested in this, generally work their way from lower classes of auto races, where they will receive the training and experience to progress to more lucrative and professional auto race classes. It takes some dedication and skill to reach the top of the career, and only a very few make this, so it is typically a career that is open to only a few. However, for those with the requisite talent and commitment it can be an exciting occupation to consider becoming involved with.

Driving skills can be a workplace asset, and for those that want to utilize these as a way of finding work, there are a few different car driving jobs available. Those shown above are some of the options to consider, and if driving is something that you have an aptitude for and enjoy, these are sure to be jobs that you will enjoy being part of on a daily basis.

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