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Stay At Home Mom Jobs: 5 Part Time Possibilities

If you have kids to look after, stay at home mom jobs can be the perfect solution for some part time income. Here are five of our favorites.

Being a stay at home mom is a noble profession in and of itself.  But it’s also one that doesn’t really pay the bills, unless you’re a big fan of cleaning houses and changing diapers.  For that reason you might be looking for some opportunities to provide you with an income that you can add to the house, and so that you can a great money maker that you can do without interrupting the flow of your day.  There are all sorts of fantastic stay at home mom job opportunities out there that you can do right from home.  It’s just a matter of finding the right type of position for you.

In the information age, you can do just about anything from home, and there’s no reason your home cannot be your office for everything that you need to accomplish.  That’s why you just have to be creative, and you’ll find that any job you could want can be found right from home.  Here are 5 great potential stay at home mom opportunities that you’re guaranteed to be able to fit into your schedule:

1) Freelance Writing

You don’t have to be a writer at first, to pick up freelance writing.  The information age has made sure that there are a wealth of opportunities out there for stay at home moms to get jobs writing just about anything.  Whether it’s informative articles for things that you know about from your personal life, past or even current lifestyle.  There are guaranteed to be plenty of places looking out there to hire people such as yourself.  In fact, looking to the blogging arena can be a fantastic turn of pace, as the right type of blogger job will afford you the opportunity to write about practically anything. 

But that’s not all.  If you know where to search online, there are always great stay at home mom opportunities that you can find for writing advertising copy, or anything else of the sort.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of skill, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can hone your technique.  Plus the brilliance of being freelance, is that you decide how much time you want to spend or commit to any type of project, so you literally set your own hours and work schedule.

2) Editing

Just as there are a wealth of opportunities for writers out there online, the same is true of editors. This is a great high paying field that can get you a ton of work if you’re interested, or just some part time opportunities if you’re just looking for an extra income on the side.  Because of the way that the internet has changed our lives, there’s no need to visit an office in order to take a look at and edit documents. Instead you can just have them emailed to you at home and then you can go through them at your leisure.  That way you can get your editing done on your schedule, so long as you can have them back on time.

3) Data Entry

Again, with the information age closing in around us all, and with computers in every home and taking over every business, there’s a lot of data out there.  But because of the constant shifting and moving of different documents here and there, there’s always a need for someone to actually manually enter in data in all sorts of different ways.  These are great jobs, they are easy to do, and typically you can also find those that allow you to set your own hours, or work with a business on a schedule that’s acceptable to you. 

4) Medical Assistant

While this may sound a bit unorthodox, telecommuting medical assistants actually isn’t that rare these days.  This means you’ll be in charge of handling claims and filing of all sorts of insurance information, and so long as you have a decent background in finance, as well as an understanding of how this side of insurance works, you shouldn’t have a problem.

5) Customer Service Representative

Now that everything has gone digital, so have the customer service specialists.  You can work part time for companies all over the globe being a CSR, and responding to concerned emails, or even providing live support for any number of companies. Typically you’re paid by the hour as well in this sort of profession, so you might have to commit more time to actually working, which can be a bit difficult depending upon the demands of managing your household.

You can find all sorts of great stay at home mom positions like these pretty easily as well, just by searching the online job sites.  Through great job outlets like as well as, you can find just about any type of telecommuting job that’s going to be perfect for any mom with a  schedule to keep.

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