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Successfully Finding Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Jobs for 14 year olds don't have to be hard to find due to your lack of experience. Here are 6 positions that are easy for young teens to break into.

When you’re trying to teach your younger teen the value of a dollar and you’re just not having much success, few things actually work quite so well as having them get a job.  This way, they can learn about just how hard you have to work in order to earn the money that you get to spend on things that you need or want later on.  Plus this is a great way to get them more of an allowance, and even have them saving for their own college fund someday as well.  Whether you’re looking for the most ideal types of jobs for 14 year olds that are perfect for keeping them busy, or that can actually earn them some money, there are lots of opportunities.

Of course finding those opportunities can be hard, that’s why you have to really know what types of jobs are even out there for 14 year olds, so that you can concentrate your search on those opportunities.  You’ll find that when you are talking about jobs for teens at this age they can be few and far between, but there are bound to be some great opportunities out there if you know where you should be concentrating your search.

Here are a few of the top types of jobs for 14 year olds that tend to be available everywhere:

1) Babysitting

This is a really classic type of job, and you’ll find that they are almost always in demand with circles of people that you can trust as well.  Whether you have friends or family that could use a sitter every once in a while, you’ll find that this is a great way to keep your teen busy, get them earning their allowance, and also help out family and friends in need as well.  This can require some help on your part so that they can fully understand what’s expected of them of course, but it’s a very worthwhile job.

2) Yard and lawn jobs

You’ll find that there are tons of agencies looking to take on young workers that can pull their weight with some yard work.  There are always things that are going to need to be done, and tons of landscaping jobs out there that are looking for help with things like mowing, raking, weed whacking, all sorts of yard oriented types of jobs.  Plus most of the time they are looking to take on energetic youth as well, mostly because these are massive jobs that require a high level of energy to get done.

3) Look into food service opportunities

Depending upon where you live you may be able to find jobs for 14 year olds with certain agencies like fast food restaurants.  It all depends upon the local laws.  Some communities allow 14 year olds to work at places like these, but for only a limited amount of time per week and per day.  But then it’s also restricted in some places, which is why you have to investigate before you just go looking for a job.

4) Caddying at local golf clubs

You’ll find that local golf courses and country clubs are always going to need caddies, and typically these jobs go to the youth.  You’ll find that they can be fantastic jobs for 14 year olds as well, as they may not pay that great but they offer you great opportunities to get tips and other fantastic accolades.  Plus they are jobs that can be a bit more fun and get them outside doing something more enjoyable.

5) Paper routes

They are classic jobs for a reason, and it’s because they are great opportunities for kids to really learn responsibility.  Plus they are jobs that usually take place in the really early morning before things like school start so they are going to fit into just about any type of child’s schedule as well.

6) Local community job fairs

You’ll also find that there are always going to be local community events in which jobs for 14 year olds will be on offer, or they can explore different types of careers as well.  This is a great way to sign up for all sorts of summer temp opportunities, and while they may not all pay, they do get your teen out of the house and learning a new trade and that’s invaluable on it’s own.


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