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Supply Chain Management Jobs And The Salaries They Offer

Why types of supply chain management jobs can one potentially find and what kind of salary range is involved? Let's take a look.

Choosing the right type of career path is really important, but sometimes it’s all about what they are going to offer at the end of all the work that you put in, opposed to the job that you’ll be doing.  That’s why you want to find out just what you can expect with a career in something like supply chain management jobs, so that you know which branches are going to prove to be the most fruitful.  You’re going to find that there are a few to choose from, so you have plenty of opportunities as well.

But basically all supply chain management jobs are going to be about the same, when it comes to any type of career and what you’re going to be doing.  This is essentially the process of sending products to consumers and different types of entities, and ensuring that they arrive on schedule.  Basically this allows manufacturers to cut out the middle man and save money by selling directly to the companies themselves.  That means these jobs are all about maintaining the supply chain, and everything to do with keeping product deliveries prudent.  But there are also four branches within this, that can offer you different things:

1) Material scheduling supply chain management jobs.

If you’re going to manufacture a product that you can sell to stores and consumers, you have to have materials to make that product.  That means you’re going to need materials schedulers.  These people are responsible for actually scheduling the delivery of materials so that production can continue on schedule.  That means figuring out a time table for how fast materials are used in normal production, and always ensuring that you have more on the way before you run dry.

These types of jobs typically pay on the lower end of the spectrum, but still can provide great supply chain management salaries.  Typically you’ll be able to start out with at least $38,000 to $40,000 per year, and with plenty of room for advancement.

2) Wholesale purchasing and buying positions.

These types of jobs are typically on the store end, and feature people that actually hunt down all the finished product that you need for stocking a store, company, or what have you, with everything they need to operate.  That can range from things like providing clothing for a clothing store, electronics for a retailer that specializes in the material, and so on and so forth. Your job is to find product that will sell, and to find the cheapest ways you can procure said product.

This type of job tends to pay a bit better, and you’ll find that the average entry level salary is going to be around $50,000.  But there is plenty of room for advancement here as well, and typically you can get great bonuses the better that you’re able to perform.

3) Shipping logistics analyzers.

These are supply chain management careers in which you oversee everything to do with the scheduling side of things. That means looking into and controlling things like the actual schedule for which you’re going to be shipping items. But you’ll also find that almost any supply chain management job description for a logistics analyzer also includes basically any type of stat work as well as scheduling concerns.

But they are also much better paying jobs, and you’ll find that you stand to earn a lot more in these types of positions.  You can end up making anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000 for entry level positions.  But with the higher up careers you can actually take your salary all the way to six figures in the right job.

4) Corporate Vice President.

These sorts of supply chain management jobs deal with literally overseeing the entire department. These types of jobs only exist in very large corporations, but they are integral to the running of the company.  It would be your job here to oversee everyone else and make sure that they are doing their jobs, and in turn scheduling shipments with enough frequency that you’re able to keep product in stock.

Although you’ll find these to be the best paying supply chain management salary jobs, you’re also going to find they are the hardest to get.  They require a ton of business education to show that you can manage.  They also require that you have a ton of experience in the field as well, so they do take a ton of work, though you arguably get the best returns on your career as well.

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