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The 4 Levels Of Teaching Assistant Jobs

If you're starting your career in education, teaching assistant jobs are a great way to get your foot in the door. Here are four types of entry level TA job for all educators to consider.

Getting a job as a teacher’s assistant can be a fantastic career that will enable you to help the youth learn new things and ideas, as well as open up their understanding to a whole different world.  In that respect, it’s a really interesting career path that ensures that you’re always going to be able to feel as though you’re providing a worthwhile and important community service.  But far beyond this, it’s also a great stepping stone to acquiring higher up teaching positions as well, which is really important if you hope to land your own solo jobs at some point in the future.

However, something that you’re also going to find is that most careers such as these also fall into different branches, so you have to choose the type of teaching that you really want to deal with. There are a lot of different types of jobs out there, so it’s important you know what sort of field you would like to enter into.  This can determine where you can take your career, or it can also determine the type of teaching assistant salary that you can expect down the line.  Here are 4 of the most common branches, and needs within the educational system:

1) Elementary school/Preschool teaching positions.

These are the lowest level, and they are the best because they don’t require that much specialized training or experience.  This is where most teachers start out, especially those that hope to become their own teachers down the line.  What’s more, this really only requires the starting or most basic level of education training in college, so you can ensure it’s a job that you can get early on, or at any time.  What’s more, it provides a ton of experience, and is a type of career path that many people are hiring for, because elementary schools as well as preschools everywhere are always looking for help managing their classes.

2) High school teaching assistants.

These types of jobs are a bit more specialized, and can take that little bit more knowledge and patience for you to succeed within. What you’re going to find in your career in a high school, is that you still need to be a major in education, but usually you have to have been learning for a few years before you’re able to take on this type of a position.  Most typically these types of jobs are made to be performed for either the term of a semester or even for an entire school year.

But what you’re also going to find, is that this is where knowledge needs to be a bit more specialized, so that you can show that you’re able to convey more information on the subject.  So if you want to be a math assistant, you need to have a strong background in math as well as education.  The same is true of science teaching assistant jobs, and so on and so forth.

3) University assistants.

This is one of the upper echelon positions, and is a type of career by which you’re going to be able to setup a job at a university at some point, as a professor or instructor of some sort.  Mostly, these types of assistants are used for simple tasks like helping organize a teacher’s lesson or lecture plan for that day.  But you’re also going to find that beyond this, you’re going to be responsible for being able to teach the class when the teacher is not there, and that requires a certain mastery of the subject.   That means you’ll have to be a student that really excels at the subject in the first place, in order to qualify.

4) Specialty teaching assistant jobs.

There are also all sorts of specialty positions s well which are really ideal as great secondary jobs to have, so that you can earn a little bit more money for your family during the day. These types of positions most typically involve things like managing preschoolers, or also special needs children, and are not as big on the actual teaching parts.  For this, you may need some type of specialized training, but most typically no formal college degree or anything of the sort is required.  However, these types of teaching assistant jobs do not usually pay that well either, so they are more of a passion position, than a viable career option.

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