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The Average Ultrasound Technician Salary You Can Look Forward To Earning

What kind of ultrasound technician salary can you expect to earn? Here's a look at the range and average to help you plan.

A massive part of picking your career path, is actually figuring out if a particular job is viable based upon what it’s actually going to pay you.  You’ll find that with any types of jobs, you have to look into how much you could stand to make with them before actually choosing a career, if you want to ensure that you’re undertaking a successful venture.  You’ll find that this is a necessity with everything, especially in the medical field with more technical jobs like ultrasound operators.  Looking into the ultrasound technician salary that you’ll be able to get on average is vital if you want to see whether or not this is a logical career choice for you.

But that also means you have to look into the factors that can get you or can restrict you when it comes to the salary that you’ll be expecting.  Based upon your education, as well as where you’re looking for work can all dictate what you’re going to make the the end. You’ll find that there are actually three tiers of salary for jobs like these, and where you’re going to fall is based upon what you’re actually willing to put into the job in the end.  You’ll find that this is extremely vital to think about when you’re planning on getting an education to be an ultrasound technician, and these are the things that you’re going to want to be considering:

Why Ultrasound Technology?

You’re going to find that the medical industry is always a really good idea for you to get involved with for several reasons.  But basically the medical field is always growing and will always be a necessary part of life for everybody, so it’s a field that’s going to be around as long as humans are.  Plus in a bid to make hospitals more affordable while keeping up with common technology, lower end jobs that don’t require doctors, like ultrasound technician work are actually hiring more than ever.

Necessary Education

However, you’re also going to find that you need the right type of ultrasound technician education if you’re to succeed.  You’re going to find that there are a few things to think about here for what you actually want your major to be.  But you’re going to find that in most cases you’re going to be looking at a 2 year course at a community college if you really want to succeed.  This is the bare minimum, and so long as it’s accredited will be an absolute requirement when it comes to landing the job.

But then you’re also going to find that with most job opportunities, specializing can be the most ideal decision that you can make so that you can make yourself a higher earner.  When you’re a specialist, or when you have the experience and know how to make yourself a more valuable or rare member of a team, then you can ensure that you’re able to make yourself indispensable which always makes for a higher overall salary.

Average Ultrasound Technician Salary Range

But no matter where your actual job falls in line, and no mater what your actual education is, you’ll find that you’re always going to fall into three possible tiers when it comes time to find a job.  They all pay pretty differently, but you want to be aware of the ultrasound technician salary that you can earn in any place, so that you know what to expect to make sure this is an ideal career chose:

-Lowest 10 percent of earners

The lowest 10 percent of earners working ultrasound technician earn on average around $35,000.  That’s actually really awesome for a starting job, and ensures that you’re likely going to be able to take care of the bills until the time that you’re able to rise through the ranks.  Not too shabby for 2 years at a community college right?

-Mid range earners

But perhaps the best news would be that the mid range earners, which is where most ultrasound technician jobs are going to fall, are so much more than that starting at around $50,000.  This is a pretty decent salary, and is something that you’ll find that you’re guaranteed to be able to live off of, given average standards of home expense.

-Top ten percent

Of course, this is where you want to be still when it comes to ultrasound technician salary, and you have to hit this top percentile if you really want to be able to make the big bucks. You’ll find that typically you can hit into the six figure range, which ensures that you’re really making a good living, even if you’re not quite at the doctor level.


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