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The Best Jobs in Los Angeles Guaranteed To Be Hiring Today

Jobs in Los Angeles are about so much more than the entertainment industry. Here are 5 types of work opportunity to seek out that are always in demand.

Looking for a job is never easy, but especially when you’re searching for something and you really want to crack into the industry fast.  Whether you want to rise to a managerial position, or you’re just eager to pay your dues and rise through the ranks in your chosen profession, you’re going to find that there are a lot of options out there.  But it’s all about finding the positions, and the jobs in Los Angeles that are going to be hiring year round.  Some positions never go out of style, and you’ll find that there are several jobs that the city is going to have in high demand for some time.

Plus with a place like LA because it’s such a big city and such a different community, you’re also going to find that there are all different things on offer as well.  Whether you’re looking for a change of atmosphere, a job that you couldn’t really find easily anywhere else, or if you’re just looking to land a well paying temporary position.  Here are a few of the top jobs in Los Angeles that you can guarantee will have positions open today:

Sales and general retail

The United States is a consumer driven society, and as such there is always going to be someone buying and selling something.  That means there is always an opportunity for salespeople literally anywhere, and LA is no different. You’ll find that there are a ton more options here however, as you can find the low end jobs like you would do anywhere else at major department stores or retailers.  But you have more opportunity for fun or unique jobs with different types of boutiques and other places of the sort. In fact some can even turn into fashion jobs in Los Angeles which means that you can practically start a career from store level.

Arts & Media positions

But of course this is the same area of the world where the famous Hollywood is located right?  That means there is a massive art community, and as such it’s actually one of the best places to find work.  You’ll find that the media opportunities here are astounding, no matter what type of art you’re interested in, or that you succeed with.  You’ll find that you can also choose amongst top opportunities for music jobs in Los Angeles, as well as other great opportunities as well.

Business and finance opportunities

Because so many major corporations make a home in LA because it’s such a big city, you’ll find that it’s then also a great place to look for executive positions with all sorts of major companies.  Here you can find a great job at the higher end of the spectrum whether you’re looking for finance jobs in Los Angeles, or even human resources, and other great executive types of positions.  There’s actually a decent rate of turnover because of how big the city is, so there are always openings, even for the big opportunities.

Healthcare work

You’ll find that the healthcare industry is booming, and therefore it’s only increasing services all over the place.  That’s especially true of locations like Los Angeles.  That means you’re guaranteed to find plenty of opportunity whether you’re a doctor, nurse, or even if you just have receptionist or administrative experience with a hospital setting.

Of course with LA you’ll also find that a massive amount of the medical work available is actually cosmetic as well. That covers all sorts of cosmetic surgeons, but then also cosmetic dentists too, and you’ll find that you’re able to land all sorts of jobs helping people look better, instead of just feeling better. That means you have a lot of options, and both are really popular.

Government work

Finally, rounding out the list of top jobs in Los Angeles is government positions.  There is a lot of government that’s needed in a big city, so you’ll find that there are a lot of government jobs out there that can provide you a great competitive salary and benefits that are second to none.  Whether you’re a postman or a public school teacher, you’ll find that all sorts of government jobs in Los Angeles are really hot right now.


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