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The Best Summer Teaching Jobs To Pad Your Pocketbook

Looking to pad your wallet with some extra money during your summer break? You may want to consider summer teaching jobs. Here are five full time and part time position types worth exploring.

Making more money as a teach is usually a pretty hard sell, just because you spend so much time that much needed summer break is hard to turn away.  However, taking some time to work through that period can prove to practically double your annual pay if you find the right type of position.  With the right types of summer teaching jobs you can make all the difference in the amount that you make, as well as how you’re able to teach and reach students.  Plus there are plenty of opportunities out there for you to choose from.

For teachers that really know what they’re doing, there are all different types of methods by which you can actually make a difference, more of an impact, and just generally refine the craft by finding summer positions.  Plus there are quite a few different types to choose from, so you can be sure that you’re able to find the type of job that you want to pursue for your career.  With the right summer teaching jobs, you can be sure that you’re both doing something worthwhile, and something that’s going to provide you with that much needed and deserved extra cash.

1) Summer school.

Just about every single school has summertime programs for students that have struggle throughout certain subjects.  This can be a necessity so that they can catch up, and really grasp topics that they were having trouble with.  Plus most schools are totally willing to pay you for your time with added compensation for your work in about the same way that you would be paid if you were working normally.  That can be like adding another quarter of pay to your total amount, which can make a huge difference in the end.  Plus it affords you the opportunity to help some students that are really in need of assistance.

2) Summer camps.

Much by the same type of token, but yet still different in many ways, this is also running a summer program most typically for students.  But instead of just focusing on activates that perhaps they did not excel at the year before, this is more about teaching new things.  There are summer camp programs for just about any subject or interest, like science and practical applications, as well as music camps, and just general social learning and exploration camps.  Through any, you’re able tot each in a different way, or even unwind and teach in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do normally, which can be a lot of fun.

3) Traveling teaching jobs.

There are all sorts of great summer teaching jobs that are perfect for those that are willing to travel, and you’ll find that there are all sorts of options both within the country as well as abroad.  Just imagine if you’re a teacher living in America, and you could be given the opportunity to travel to Japan to teach English to foreign students.  That’s a change of scenery that produces a remarkably refreshing take, but that also ensures that you’re able to earn some really good money in the process.  In fact, most summer international teaching jobs pay better than what you earn normally.

4) Tutoring

This is another job that falls alongside most of the other types, just in a slightly different way.  In fact, you’ll find that this is a great way to help just one student in a much more concentrated way, instead of managing an entire classroom. This way, you’re able to help those that aren’t understanding a topic well enough, or that aren’t making the progress that they should be, so that they can take a new understanding.  With involved help like this, a child is able to better succeed, plus this is not too demanding of your time, and usually pays really well as private tutors usually don’t come cheap.  Most summer tutoring jobs can at least earn you some spending money if nothing else.

5) Summer writing jobs.

These are great opportunities for teachers, and provides for them a chance to let others in on their craft.  As a teacher you’re always exploring the subject, and you can come up with all sorts of great new ideas and new tactics on how to approach a subject.  That knowledge can be invaluable to others, and publishing papers on the subjects can be a great way to get some recognition.  While summer teaching opportunities like these don’t usually pay as much, they are more fun and rewarding than most opportunities that you’ll find.


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