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The Endless World of Las Vegas Jobs

Las Vegas jobs can be found in a plethora of industries due to the fast paced growth of Nevada's biggest city. Here are some rewarding work opportunities to consider.

Living in Las Vegas can be a gigantic blessing, because of all the work opportunities available.  There are so many different types of jobs out there, that you’re guaranteed to always be able to find work, no matter what type of trade you choose.  There are all sorts of great jobs out there as well that can get you the potential for tips from all the high rollers that line the Vegas area.  That’s where the real money is at the entry level, and it’s just about knowing which sorts of jobs in las vegas like these you want to go after.

Basically you want to think about what sort of job you want to go after, as in which aspect of vegas really appeals to you the most.  Working in a casino has to be one of the biggest draws, and the job security as well as potential to make a lot of money is also always going to be there.  It’s just a matter of choosing the right type of position within a casino for you to work, as there are a ton of options:

1) Try breaking into the casino scene as a dealer.

Vegas is always in need of a new dealer, and there are always jobs in las vegas that are open for a good one.  However, it does take a lot of specialized training.  There’s a lot of education you need on how to spot cheaters, as well as how to actually deal perfectly, and even how to protect your cards if you’re a card dealer.  While the training can be costly and time consuming, it’s also a career path that ensures you’re going to be able to receive massive tips from gamblers when they’re on a hot streak, as well as a career that’s always going to be around as long as casinos make money.

Of course, the hassle of these types of jobs, as well as those that are higher up on the spectrum is that they involve gaming, which means you need a state issued gaming license.  That is not always the easiest thing to achieve, and they can be risky, or can ruin your career if anything ever happens that’s questionable in your past.  So you may want to choose a job that’s not on the gaming floor instead.

2) That’s where bartender or even wait staff jobs can be an ideal choice.

You’re still working in a casino, but there aren’t so many restrictions on who can have the job, as well as training that’s required for the job as well.  Basically, you’re just an ordinary bartender or waiter/waitress that works inside a casino.  But that also means you have a great potential to earn all sorts of money from great tips when a gambler is hot, and that can really make a difference on your paycheck at the end of the week.  Plus there’s a high turnover for positions  like these, so experience is always in demand.

3) Of course, you can always handle the money, of which casinos have bunches.

For this, you can’t go wrong being a cashier, as it’s basically working at a bank, but one that manages a whole lot more money.  Because casinos are so successful, it’s a career path that you can count on to ensure that you have a stable job that’s not going to disappear with an economic crisis.  While actual banks can come and go, you’re going to find that casinos and gaming will always be around, so it’s a place where you can find cashier job security that you’ve never seen before. 

But also, an area like Las Vegas doesn’t mean that you have to find a job in a casino, as there are plenty of ways that you can take advantage of year round tourism.  Any type of job that involves people is a great way to go. Working through something like an airline can be a fantastic career move, because people are always flying in and out of Vegas every single day.  But there are also rooms for incredible and reliable careers like hotel hospitality through management or even just being a receptionist.  Any job that deals with travelers, in Vegas, is bound to have some security.

But it also doesn’t hurt to visit the right types of websites to hunt for jobs in las vegas.  That’s where going online through sites like as well as Vegas specific outlets like can be fantastic places to visit on your hunt.  Vegas is one of those places where tourism is always going to exist, so you may as well make a career for yourself.

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