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The Keys to a Career With Voice Over Jobs

Here's how to embark upon a career in voice over jobs.

Getting into voice acting is a fantastic way to get involved with an artistic career that you know is going to be able to pay the bills.  There are all different types of jobs like this out there, and talented actors are always in high demand.  So long as you have the voice for it, jobs like these can end up paving the way to a Hollywood career where everyone is going to recognize that unique voice.  But hunting down voice over jobs is not always the easiest thing in the world, so you have to know how to search, so that you can track down the best opportunities.

Basically, there are a few things that you want to think about when it comes to any type of voice acting job, so that you can be sure you’re targeting the right type of work.  That means you want to think about the field that you would like to work in the most, and then really go hard in that type of a direction.  Some common fields that you can find looking for voice talent include:

                -Animated Shows/Video Games

                Both are massive growing fields and really always need voiceover talent in order to bring the characters to life.  Showing a proficiency in either is going to be a fantastic open door to work  that’s never going to stop rolling in, especially the high paying high caliber jobs.


                There’s always a huge market for people with a voice for advertising.  This is a great avenue to get                your voice out there, and you just might make more money than you think.  With the right type of      deal, you actually earn money every single time your commercial plays.  With the right nationally                 syndicated commercial, you’ll be amazed at just how much money starts rolling in.

                -Narration/Film Dubbing

                Both fields are basically one and the same, as they are popular for the person with the right voice to provide a dialogue over a moving picture.  Things like nature documentaries always need a            narrator, and can be a great place to make your name.  The same is true with all sorts of dubbed          movies and TV shows whether it’s Japanese Anime videos, or even the latest dubbed foreign film.

But as with any other type of career, for voice over jobs you need to take the proper steps into getting yourself the job in the first place.  That means you need to come prepared, with the right education and credentials.  Two things that everyone likes to see on a resume include work in speech classes and English classes so that your pronunciation and grasp of the language will be incredible.  But also acting lessons, especially for the art side of things.  You can’t very well hope to emote properly, without taking an acting class. 

You also need to have a demo so that you can give them alongside your resume, as they are what people actually really want, besides looking at your credentials.  In the world of voice over jobs and art such as this, it’s really important for a director to get a feel for what you sound like, to see if you’re the right type of fit for this type of job.  That’s why you have to have a demo CD that you can freely give out. 

Some good ideas to create one are basically reading common advertisements that are on TV now, or even recalling one of your favorite lines or monologues from a piece of literature.  Either way, you have to be sure that it sounds fantastic, so it’s helpful to invest a bit of your own money in order to get the job done at a professional studio.  While even just short recordings can be a bit on the costly side, it’s worthwhile to make sure your voice sounds it’s natural great best. 

Once you have your resume ready with the appropriate prerequisites, it’s really time to find some work.  For that you can’t do better than searching out voice over jobs online.  Through all sorts of great networking sites like and you can find a wealth of opportunities for submitting your resume.  You can even get connected with a talent agent, who can help shop your voice around to all sorts of fantastic jobs.  Just remember to keep a positive and professional attitude, and you can find voiceover success in no time at all.

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