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The Keys to Finding Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Legitimate work from home jobs are out there, giving you the opportunity to set your own hours and make money online. Finding them can be a challenge, but doesn't have to be one.

Do legitimate work from home jobs exist?  The most simple way to answer that question is always going to be yes.  There are plenty of ways that you can work from home, and that you can ensure you’re able to make yourself a perfect career without having to leave your own personal computer chair.  It’s just a matter of finding the right type of opportunity that you can ensure you’re able to fulfill to your full potential.  There are a lot of legitimate work from home jobs that exist out there, but finding the right ones from the scams, as well as finding worthwhile opportunities is hard.

1) First things first, know how to avoid a scam.

While there are a ton of opportunities when it comes to telecommuting jobs, you’ll also find there are a ton of fake jobs out there meant to get your money and your personal information.  Becoming a victim of identity theft is easy, but as is avoiding most instances.  Most identity theft situations can actually be totally avoided by just using common sense.  For example

                -Any job recruiter that asks for money to consider your application is always a fake.  Nobody that wants to pay you money to perform a job is going to ask for money in order to complete any type of service in the beginning.  So any time money is actually mentioned, and it’s not a question of how much you’ll be paid, you want to look somewhere else, fast.

                -Any job recruiter that is asking for a lot of personal information just to consider an application is also a big risk.  Realistic recruiters aren’t going to want your social security number right out of the bag, so it’s important that you keep some things to yourself, especially if you want to ensure that you’re always able to avoid an identity thief, and find legit online jobs

2) Always research a potential employer

When you’re looking for legitimate work at home opportunities, you have to know that you’re working with a person that’s actually the person that you think they are.  That’s why Google can be a life saver, as it’s really simple to research a company or even something like a person’s name by just going online.  Any time you smell skunk with no online results, or worse online warnings about this person or company being a scam, you always want to run the other direction. 

3) Know what types of legitimate work from home jobs you’re looking for.

It’s important to have a listing of the jobs you’re most interested in doing, so that you can ensure you’re able to find all sorts of potential opportunities.  That’s why you want to choose from some of the most common home employment careers like:

                -Freelance Writing

                This literally has you writing all sorts of contents for both websites as well as blogs, and even for product reviews and anything else of the like.  Writing provides both versatility, as well as a ton of opportunities to work with different people, in a fun and creative type of way.

                -Legitimate Data Entry Work From Home Jobs

                This is where you just do as the tile implies, which is putting data from one source into another source.  Many companies require this type of service as they make the transition from paper documents to digital, and there’s a ton of opportunity for typing in statistics, or doing anything else of the like. 

                -Customer Service Representative Opportunities

                As more and more companies have online resources and services, they also need online CSRs to help customers out when they are having a problem.  This can be a fantastic hourly opportunity, and so long as you have the computer skills, you’ll find that you’re able to do just about anything with ease. 

4) Know where to look for real work from home jobs.

That means you want to know which sites to trust for legitimate postings, and which sites are better left avoided because they are not worth your time.  Typically this means visiting a few different sites, and they can include reputable job hunting resources like, and online exclusives like and can help you find any type of job you could want.

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