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The Main Types of Delivery Driver Jobs

Delivery driver jobs exist in many forms, ranging from food to mail and packages and more. Here are the most common types broken down with accompanying details.

Driving is a skill that many people learn as an adult and the vast majority will own a car, truck or other vehicle for personal use. However, driving can also be an asset in the working world. While some people may drive occasionally for working purposes, there are also full time driving occupations available. Delivery driver jobs are an example and this type of occupation typically entails delivering goods door to door. There are a few types available and these range from local to long distance travel.

Food Delivery

Many fast food joints and local restaurants will offer a delivery service, where they prepare and send food to a customer’s home. Many of these will advertise delivery driver jobs which involve someone being on call as required to take the cooked food from the restaurant to the delivery location. While in some cases a vehicle may be provided for this, in others the driver will need to use their own vehicle. Journeys will typically be local and this means having a decent understanding of the neighborhoods around the restaurant such that food can be delivered to the customer in a timely manner while still hot. The job will also typically entail working with money in terms of collecting payment from the customer and giving change as required. In most cases a valid driving license, clean driving record and good knowledge of the locality around the restaurant are the qualifications required for a food deliver driver job.

Small Package Delivery Service

There are a number of companies that deliver small and mid-size packages to both residential and commercial customers. This includes organizations such as the US Postal System, UPS and Federal Express, to name a few. UPS, for example, have package delivery driver jobs available and these typically involve transporting and delivering packages to residential and business premises. Packages can be up to 70lbs in weight and qualifications required include having a valid driving license for the state where employed and adhering to the UPS guidelines on appearance. Drivers must also pass a Department of Transport physical examination to demonstrate that they are capable of dealing with the physical demands of the job in carrying and delivering packages. Fedex also have courier driver jobs available and this typically involves driving within an assigned area and delivering packages to residential and business customers within this. Qualifications are similar to those required for UPS and while drivers will generally need to get signatures for the deliveries they make, they do not need to deal with customer payment. Typically the vehicles driven will be smaller vans and trucks.

Merchandise Delivery Driver

Many retail stores sell larger products which are delivered to the customer’s home following purchase. This can include merchandise such as furniture, larger home appliances and larger garden equipment. Many stores will therefore employ drivers to deliver goods to the home of the customer and this can mean driving vehicles from small vans to larger trucks depending on the size of the products being sent. Typically the driver will be responsible for loading the goods onto the vehicle, delivering them to the home of the customer and unloading them. Generally the goods will also be taken into the home of the customer, and as the driver is the last point of contact it is important they provide an excellent service. This typically means delivering the merchandise in good condition and assisting the customer in placing the merchandise as required in their home. Home Depot and Best Buy are examples of companies that hire merchandise delivery drivers, although there are a number of retailers that advertise this type of position. Typically a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record are the qualifications required, with most companies providing training for their drivers.

Long Haul Delivery Driver

While many delivery driver jobs are carried out within a smaller locality, long haul delivery drivers can typically cross state boundaries and may transport goods over distances of hundreds or thousands of miles. The job typically involves driving larger vehicles and qualifications are required for doing so. There are generally State and Federal requirements on the qualifications required for long haul drivers, and in most cases a commercial driver’s license (CDL) will be needed. This typically involves undertaking training which culminates in driving and written exams, and there are a number of education facilities that provide training for CDL qualifications. Many companies that employ long haul drivers will also provide their own training which may need to be completed before employment commences. Driving long haul will typically require time spent away from home as the distances involved can take a number of days to complete. Further information can be found at the American Truckers Association and State University.

With the variety of delivery driver jobs available, it can be a rewarding career and for those that enjoy driving and want to use this skill in the working world there are a number of delivery driver opportunities. This ranges from short haul deliveries in a city to long haul driving across the country. Further details of delivery driver opportunities can be found at the United States Department of Labor and this provides information from the nature of the job, through to job outlook and prospective earnings. It can therefore be a useful resource for those interested in a career in delivery driving.

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