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The Many Paths Computer Science Careers Can Show You

With a background and education in the field, you'll find that many doors open up to computer science careers. Here are 7 directions one could potentially follow.

Getting your degree in computer science is really only about half the battle for deciding what type of career path you want to choose.  The other is on seeing what types of jobs you want to undertake with that degree in tow.  You’re going to find that computer science careers can be extremely varied, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities and choices on the type of job that you want to work for the rest of your life.  Your computer science degree is the perfect place to start, and you’ll be amazed at the world it can open up right in front of your eyes.

Here are 7 great computer science jobs that you’ll be eligible for with the right degree:

1) Computer programmer.

This is a job where you literally program computers, software, programs and anything else to perform a certain function.  Whether you’re programming software to function as a new operating system or even program for a specific task. Or you can even find that videogame programming jobs are extremely popular these days, and with a computer science degree, you’ll find that you can qualify for any of them.

2) Software engineering.

If you want to actually come up with new types of software, and be the driving force that can actually change how people use computers, this is the type of job for you.  Every bit of software that’s out there today, and all computer programs that you use on a daily basis, were all designed by some software engineer.  This is one of the best computer science careers, and provide you with a distinct opportunity to find new ways to make computers more important and reliable in our daily lives.

3) Computer hardware engineers.

Of course, you can’t have software without hardware to run your computers, and this is a viable type of computer careers that also allow you to get creative.  These are the people that develop new processors, motherboards, video cards, etc, etc.  Without which our digital technology would not be able to advance, as the demands on programs and processing power are ever increasing every single year.  In fact, if you can come up with the right types of ideas and creative takes on computer hardware, these can also be some of the highest paying computer science career salary opportunities you can find anywhere.

4) Network systems analyst.

In order to know what changes you can implement into a computer system, so that you can change the face of your company’s computer network for the better, you need to have someone to analyze the inner workings.  That’s what a systems analyst is capable of doing, and they can tell you anything you want to know about a current computer system. This is a great computer science career that can involve everything from speeding up the way a network functions, to actually assessing and developing new types of network security.

5) Web content developer.

Every website that you’ve ever been to has been graced by a web developer, and this is a type of computer careers that provides you with the opportunity to create and manufacture websites.  Whether you’re creating something fun and colorful, or if you’re making a business’ storefront so that they can sell items to customers, there’s a ton of content to be forged out there.

6) Webmaster.

Of course, once a webpage goes up, somebody has to make sure that it stays up, and that’s what the web master is for.  They monitor all the daily functions involved with maintaining and running a website, which can get really complicated the more technologically advanced your page is.  That’s why these are great paying computer science careers, and are also some that require some tech savvy people in order to undertake them.

7) Computer animation and graphic design.

Love the latest digital Disney and Pixar movies? Then this is the type of computer science jobs for you.  This is where you literally program and manipulate digital animation, so that you can create believable moving images that tell a story or illustrate a point of some type.  A newer type of career, but a growing opportunity, and one that anybody would do well to consider.

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