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The Many Types of Graphic Design Jobs

Graphic design jobs can involve a wide range of work. Here are the most in demand positions worth exploring.

Graphic design careers are those that you can ensure are always in high demand, because just about everything needs to go through an artist to be conceptually designed.  That’s why they are the perfect types of services if you’re looking for true career stability, as well as a fair amount of opportunity to choose from different types of design positions.  There are all sorts of graphic design jobs out there, and many branches that you can find no matter what sort of career you’re most interested in.

1) Some of the most common graphic designer careers are in advertising.

These are some of the most really successful areas of graphic design jobs, because advertising is something that will always be needed.  Any commercial that you see on television, or that you’ve seen on the internet, in a magazine, etc, etc, has had to be handled by a graphic designer.  This could be your job, and it’s a career that ensures you’re always going to be able to find work.  What’s more, there are so many different branches of advertising, whether you do want to work in TV, magazines, web pages, etc.  You can choose just about any branch and find plenty of opportunity for finding the right career.

2) Graphic designs in commercial printing is always popular.

These are services where you actually design and print off all sorts of different types of pamphlets, brochures, business cards, and just about any other type of printing that would be common for commercial purposes.  Graphic designers are always needed here to make the information that needs to be conveyed come together in an attractive and easy to read way. 

You want a business card to really speak to you, and catch your attention.  The same is true of a brochure, or any type of pamphlet, so that you can make sure the information that you’re providing is literally going to jump off the page and be of interest to everyone.  Graphic design careers are all about this, and it’s a type of job that’s always going to be around, as long as paper printing is used at any business.

3) Multimedia graphic design careers are always on the up.

If you want to talk about a growing field for the graphic artist community, it’s always going to be multimedia.  This is a field that concerns the types of graphics and design that you see with regards to film, television, as well as even videogames.  You’re going to find that the demand for all is only getting higher as computers become more and more commonly used for just about everything. 

Plus what you’re really going to find with graphic designs careers like these, is that you’re going to be able to really get creative, and bring out the more unrestrained creative juices from your very own mind.  This is a more artistic career than most, because you’re really able to express yourself through the designs that you create, unlike most forms of commercial printing or even advertising.

4) Graphic design careers in printed publications.

This can be a rewarding career in which you actually help shape the format that things like magazines or newspapers are going to take. With a career in publication, you literally design the layout that different types of texts will have, so that you can make them come to life and become something that people want to read.  Just about any type of book or magazine that you’ve ever read, has had to go through a graphic designer in order to be completed, and that could be your job.

5) Corporate graphic design careers

Corporate gigs are always something that most people want, but few people can attain, because they are pretty rare.  But these can be the most secure, and the most rewarding long term because of the pay and benefits that come alongside.  While most graphic design jobs entail that you’re basically a freelance worker, this is one where a corporation will actually pay you regularly for the services that they will require throughout the company. Whether it’s designing logos for the company stationary, as well as pamphlets, to doing their marketing, and even coming up with new company logos.

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