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The Many Types of Homeland Security Jobs

Homeland security jobs are in demand due to the need for heightened security. Here are some of the easiest positions to land in the field.

September 11th 2001 was a large awakening for most of the country, in which the government realized just how important homeland security actually is.  That led to more and more money pumped into this special type of security, which means more and more jobs are available as well.  That’s why hunting for homeland security jobs is actually a fantastic way to find a really rewarding career that you can ensure you’re going to be able to enjoy until you’re ready to retire.

The biggest part of deciding what type of career in the department of homeland security you are most interested in, really depends upon the styles of jobs available to you.  There are quite a few different types of jobs that encompass the federal government’s need for protecting it’s shores.  That gives you plenty of opportunity to find the homeland security jobs that are going to be the most rewarding to you. There are plenty of offerings to choose from, and they include:

1) Border patrol jobs.

These are always in need, as border patrol agents are required for both the south as well as the north of the country, and even throughout the mail system. The potential for homeland security jobs here is through actual border patrol agents, in which you’re responsible for searching for those that have illegally hopped any border.  But you’re also going to find that there are different types of customs jobs available as well, beyond just patrol to choose from. Some of the more common positions are as follows:

                -Border Patrol Agent

                These are special agents responsible for actually assessing and hunting down threats in terms of those that illegally cross the border. That means actually going up and down the Canada or Mexico border, and looking for illegal immigrants who have crossed the line without permission.

                -Customs Enforcement Agent

                Special agents with this force are actually responsible for enforcing the laws of customs on all shipping and other types of packages that come into the United States on a daily basis.  They are responsible for sniffing out things like drugs, as well as terrorism plots, and even things like human trafficking, all of which are problems that occur on a daily basis.

                -Customs Protection

                This is a lower ranking position in which you literally just search suspicious objects or cars to see if they are participating in any illegal activities, before they are granted free reign in the US.

2) Emergency Response and Defense federal jobs.

This is a category that encompasses the actual defending as well as emergency response of a federal emergency, and the jobs that come with.  Those include:

                -United States Coast Guard.

                This is a branch of the military that’s responsible for protecting our shores and acting as emergency aide for those in need across the country.  They provide service that’s as the name sounds.  This is actually what’s made to protect our country in any type of situation, like an attack on home soil.  But these are also the soldiers that are immediately dispersed in any type of emergency scenario.

                -Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

                Working for FEMA means being a first responder to major disasters that are declared federal emergencies.  Most FEMA jobs have to do with providing aid, and physically doing the work that’s required for cleanup of an area, and other things of the like.  This is the type of job that you want so that you can ensure you’re able to help people in need throughout major floods, tornados, hurricanes, and other types of major disasters.

3) Secret Service government jobs.

Joining the Secret Service is not something that everyone can do, and they can be hard homeland security jobs to attain.  But they are also extremely rewarding, and are something that has a tremendous amount of job security, because they will always be needed.  Secret Service agents are responsible for protecting foreign dignitaries from harm, as well as protecting high ranking United States government officials as well, including the president. 

Of course these types of federal jobs are not realistic for everyone to get, because they require extensive background checks and monitoring.  But that’s no reason not to give it a shot if you’ve always aspired to having homeland security jobs like these.

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