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The Many Types Of Social Work Jobs

Social work jobs are abundant, and anyone interested has a number of different potential directions to choose from. Here are several of them.

Picking the type of  social work jobs you would like to enter into the most is important, because this can be a pretty broad career path.  One thing that you’re going to find with jobs like these, is that there’s not just a general social worker position, so you really have to pick a discipline because they require such specialized training as well as an education.  But there are enough opportunities to become a social worker that you’re bound to find a career path that you’re really going to enjoy. 

That means the main facet of choosing a career in entry level social work jobs, is really figuring out what field you want to enter into.  That way, you can assess the career path you’re going to take, as well as the educational accomplishments you have to complete and acquire, so that you can do the best possible job in your new chosen profession.  Basically social service jobs can be broken down into a few different categories, and they are as follows:

1) Family Social Services.

This is a position in which you actually manage and assess families that are struggling through different types of situations.  Most typically social workers here are responsible for resolving family issues and distresses, to get the family unit working together, and freeing up stress or anger that can cause problems in the long run. What’s more, it’s also a job about assessing family relationships and knowing when they need help, counseling, or when the law needs to step in for any reason. 

2) Child specific social worker jobs.

This is where you’re directly responsible for dealing with children that are being raised in improper conditions, or that have been the victim of abuse or even a crime of some sort.  This way, you’re literally tasked with being able to spot children that are being abused, while taking custody of them and then trying to find them new and acceptable homes.  Also, social work jobs like these can entail assessing when a child can be placed back into a home that was deemed unsafe in the past for any reason.

3) School social work careers.

These are positions in which you actually work in conjunction with a school to resolve disputes as well as spot problems that students could be bringing in from home.  This way you’re actually responsible for helping students that might be struggling for any reason, as well as reuniting with parents so that you can really resolve any problems and get them performing their best again.  What’s more, these can also be student counselors that are responsible for career planning, and really aiding people in succeeding in their chosen career paths as well.

4) Medical field social work jobs.

These are positions in which you’re tasked with actually meeting with and helping people coping with severe life changes, due to illness, disease, disability and even death.  These types of positions can be hard because you basically have to help people adjust to traumatic and life changing events.  But it’s also a type of position in which you can do a lot of good, and feel very rewarded and resolute in the help that you’re able to provide to other people when it comes to your job.

5) Mental health social workers.

These are positions where you are actually tasked with helping people that suffer from mental illnesses of all different types.  Whether it’s an illness, a disease or a disability, you’ll be able to help them adjust to life, or get comfortable and even express themselves.  What’s more, you can help families cope and take care of each other, throughout developing understanding between all parties.

All career paths throughout entry level social worker jobs require a fair amount of education, and can require some extra schooling beyond just the four year bachelor’s degree.  What you’re going to find is that many positions are going to require that you have extensive experience throughout psychology, as well as other forms of therapy and people related courses.  That way, you have the skills necessary to adapt to any type of social services career.   Of course, some jobs can even require extensive on the job training as well, so you have to be prepared to intern for some time, before entering into some fields on your own.

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