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The Most Commonly Available Jobs For Felons

A criminal record shouldn't preclude you from finding work. Here are five types of jobs for felons that shouldn't conflict with your background.

Looking for a job when you’re a felon is usually a pretty difficult proposition, as not a lot of people are going to want to hire you. If you’ve learned your lesson and you’re trying to reintegrate into society, this is not exactly what you’re going to want to hear, and that’s going to make your road pretty difficult.  But you will find that there’s a ton that you’re going to be able to do so that you can ensure that you are able to find well paying jobs for felons.  Because we all know there’s a difference between finding a job, and finding one that’s going to be able to pay the bills.

You’re going to discover that there are plenty of opportunities out there however, so long as you know where to look.  You should be able to find a job no problem if you know where you should be looking, and what types of career paths are actually open to you.  There are plenty of great choices that you can find, even when you’re searching jobs for felons, you just have to know the types of jobs where you’re not going to be discriminated against just because you happen to have a criminal record:

1) Temp agencies.

These are typically the first places that you want to look because they do two things for you.  On the one hand they are always going to have work opportunities because they take on such a large number of different types of jobs.  But then each job that you actually take on is basically an audition to become a permanent member of staff.  If you end up taking on a job, and then you really succeed, they are going to want to steal you from the agency and make you a permanent worker, regardless of your history, because of the new history you’ll start making today.

2) Customer service jobs.

These are always readily available, and you’ll find that there are actually a few ways that you can do them. Whether you’re looking for jobs for felons at your local department stores, or if you’re going to go searching at your local call centers, you’ll find that whether you want to provide phone or in person customer assistance, you can usually find a job.  However, it does take a lot of patience and skill just of a different sort, so you do have to be prepared for how you’re going to have to deal with the customers.

3) Truck Driving.

This is another type of career that doesn’t tend to look down upon jobs for felons, and you’re also going to find that it’s one that can help you get away from the influences of your past if you grew up in a rough area.  Want to get away from what put you in jail in the first place?  Start driving a truck, because it’s going to virtually guarantee that you can travel all over the USA, and you can make new connections, and start up a new life that’s going to be really rewarding when everything is said and done.

4) Military service.

Depending upon the crime that was committed,  you’ll find that the military can be ideal employment for felons.  Here you can gain a new perspective, and you can even do your due diligence to the country that you in a way betrayed by having committed a crime in the first place.  However, they can be a bit strict, and you will find that if your crime was too severe, this will not be an option.  That’s why you want to look into their standards based on a case by case basis, to see if you will be accepted.

5) Self employment.

But then, if you can’t get jobs for convicted felons through a particular local company, then just make your own opportunity by starting up your own sole proprietor business.  With the right type of job here, you’ll find that you can totally take control, and you can decide what type of job you want and where you want to work.  There are tons of choices as well from online software development, programming, data entry, writing, and even customer service work you can do from home.  These are some of the best jobs for felons, and allow you to take control of your life so you can work on your terms.

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