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The Path To A Six Figure Salary In Hospital Administration Jobs

If you're working in the field of hospital administration jobs, you should very well know that there's six figure potential. Here's how to get there.

In the medical field you’re going to find that for the right candidate, hospital administration salary figures can go through the roof.  So long as you’re prepaid and experienced enough, you’ll find that there are a ton of opportunities for you to advance to the point that you’re making more money than you ever thought possible for managing a hospital.  But that’s why you also have to be prepared for what comes with that road.  The path to top level hospital administration jobs is a pretty difficult one to climb, and you’re going to have to be prepared with what comes alongside every step of the way.

Essentially every level of hospital work is able to apply for administrative positions, and it’s more about how you position yourself, and the educational background that you feature.  These are always jobs that have a heavy emphasis on business tasks, in addition to tasks that are specific to the medical industry.  That’s why a healthy dose of both in your education is so vital.  Here’s the path that you can expect, and what you can do to ensure that the top hospital administration salary is yours:

1) Start out with a really strong educational foundation.

That means you want to have your bachelor’s degree as soon as possible.  You most typically need to have a degree in hospital management of some type, and it can help to have understudies in several different hospital and business related fields as well.  But the main starting point is always a four year degree, which is essential when you want to apply for jobs from the very beginning and onward.  Without one, you’re going to find that you won’t get very far at all.

2) From there it’s really important that you start working.

This is so, so vital because almost every upper tier job is going to require that you have work experience, and the longer that you’re not a part of the industry, the harder that’s going to be for you to get.  So you need to start working now on some level of the medical field.  Whether it’s just with the nursing staff, or even if you take a position like human resources, or even secretarial work, all of them are great and viable positions for you to apply for.

3) Continue your education while you’re working.

This is so important, because in most cases you’re going to need hospital administration degrees that go a bit further than bachelor’s level if you want to attain the highest ranks.  In fact, you’re going to need a masters or more likely a PhD if you want to really take your career to the next level.  Usually you can go for both while you’re still working, so that you can get experience while you’re getting your education, so that you can really kill two industry birds with one stone.

4) Consider becoming a specialist in one medical field.

This can be important, as usually you’re more likely to be able to go further with a specialization than you would be able to do with just a more general degree.  That means choosing something like HR, or even billing management, anything of the like, and going all the way with your education.  This way, you’re a better administrative candidate for the executive positions in that field.  While a specialization means competing for fewer opportunities against more candidates, it does give you the edge when going for those jobs, by showcasing your more advanced knowledge.

While this is just more of a general outline to guide you through the process for finding the right hospital administration jobs, and qualifying for the top opportunities,  there are also other ways to pursue administrative positions.  This can be a great option for doctors that are less interested in the medical field anymore, and want to work on the executive side of things.  In fact, managing an emergency room can be a great way to showcase your administrative capabilities until you’re able to get to the next level.

By the same token, there are plenty of mid level hospital administration jobs that provide you with a great living salary, and that don’t demand the pressures of high up executive management.  This is something you really want to think about as well, as being comfortable and avoiding too much stress in your career is just as vital as looking for success.


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