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The Pros and Cons of a Music Producer Career

Is a music producer career worth pursuing in this day and age? How about considering the pros and cons that come with the job?

A job in the music industry is something that many people aspire to, and individuals that have the requisite musical and technical background can choose to pursue a music producer career. However, this can be a competitive profession that needs both talent and commitment to succeed in. As with any profession, there are pros and cons to this type of music job, with some of these including the following.


Chance to Work with Great Musicians

Most individuals that become involved in a music producing career have a genuine love of music, and being a producer provides the opportunity to work closely with and get to know some great musicians. The ability to work with and assist musicians to make great music can be a perk for many music producers, and it can provide a sense of satisfaction to help singers and bands to achieve their musical goals and become the best they can be.

Set Your Own Schedule

As a project based profession, a music producer career has the benefit that those working in it can largely set their own working schedule. While there are obviously deadlines to be met for the projects they work on, how a music producer goes about achieving these is down to their own planning. This allows them some flexibility in setting their own working schedule and this can be a perk of the job.


For those individuals that embark on a career in producing music, one of the perks can be the money involved. Obviously, the more successful they are, the more in demand they will become and this generally enables them to make more money. In some cases top producers working on a freelance basis can negotiate a percentage of the sales for the work they are involved with, and this can significantly boost their earnings if a recording is successful. While most producers will tend to get involved in the job for their love of music, the money which potentially can be made by those that excel at the job is an advantage that many of those entering the profession will consider.


Long and Unusual Hours

For many music producers, especially those that become popular and have a number of clients, the long hours can be a downside of the job. While most people involved in a music producer career will typically enjoy the process of making music, it can take a lot of time and effort to get it right. As one of the main players in the process this can typically mean that producers have to devote a lot of their time to the job. They may also be expected to work at unusual hours to suit the needs of the musicians. This has the potential to impact on the private life of a music producer and is something that needs to be factored into the decision of those considering entering the profession.

Dealing with Big Egos

Many musicians can have big egos and forceful personalities and may not always be the easiest of people to deal with. However, with the ultimate responsibility of driving a project to completion, a music producer needs to learn how to handle this to ensure that the jobs they are involved with are successful. Working with difficult personalities and big egos may not always make the job easy to do, but it is part and parcel of the work and is something that successful producers need to learn to deal with.


Dealing with long hours, difficult personalities and deadlines can make a career in music production extremely stressful at times, and this can be a downside to the profession. While talent is needed to become successful, a great deal of commitment is also required to deal with the stress that inevitably comes with being the person ultimately responsible for keeping a project on track and delivering it on time and on, or under, budget.

A music producer career can be an exciting option for those that are interested in working in the music industry. However, there are pros and cons to the job, with some of these shown above. For anyone considering entering the profession these are factors that need to be weighed when making the decision on whether to pursue this type of career.

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