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The Pros and Cons Of Joining Medical Staffing Agencies

Medical staffing agencies make it easier to find jobs, but will they work for your needs? Take a look at the pros and cons.

In any type of negative economic climate, it’s important to have all the help you can get when you’re looking for work in just about any type of profession.  That’s where medical staffing agencies can be so brilliant for helping you find work when it’s just to hard to get opportunities yourself.  This is perfect for any type of registered nurse, because they work in about the same way that an agent would work for an actor.  Your medical staffing agencies actually go out and find work and opportunities, then bring those contracts to you so that you’ll have a job for a set period of time, to perform for them.

However, while this may sound fairly rosy on the outside, not all agencies operate as smoothly as you would like. Where there are positives there are going to be negatives to the way that most agencies run, so it’s important to get your facts before you run out and sign up with the first reputable company you find.  That’s why it’s important to consider a few things about medical staffing services, before you sign up.  Some of the pros of joining any service are always going to include:

1) Finding  work in the medical field will be much easier.

With an entire corporation out there working and advertising for you, it can be much easier for you to find a job.  That’s because the agency will do all the actual leg work, and will then bring you a position when you’re waiting for work after the completion of a contract.  That way, you don’t have to look and you can enjoy the small breaks while new work is found for you.

2) Flexible working opportunities.

You can choose the length of contracts that you are able to find, so that you can get the jobs you want from your nursing staffing agencies.  That way, you can find long term or short term contracts, so that you can get some form of job security with longer term arrangements.  Or you can also ensure that you’re always adapting to something new and exciting with more short term deals designed to get you into a different place every few weeks or months. 

3) Your checks are your own each week.

There’s no worry of the agency actually taking out anything, and all the money that you get from your medical jobs are going to be all yours, because you’re considered to be an independent contractor that works for the agency.  This way, all the money that is supposed to go to you, goes right to you without any involvement from anyone else really. 

Of course any medical staffing agencies are going to produce a few negative aspects as well, and it’s important that you know before you sign up for any:

1) Being an independent contractor isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

With those checks that go solely to you, you’re also going to find that you then have to keep track of everything to do with your profession.  In most cases, you’re going to have to keep an itemized record of receipts and other such information, so that you can be sure you’re able to track all of your business expenses that you’re going to be claiming when you file taxes.  What’s more, you’re also going to find that you also have to take care of paying your own taxes, which can also be a bit of a pain when you’re just starting out for the first time.

2) Job opportunities are sometimes low.

Depending upon the type of medical staffing agencies that you register with, you’re going to find that not all of them have the highest level of job rotation.  This means there is going to be more competition for each job that comes up, furthering your chances of actually landing viable work.  That’s why you want to be sure to do your research and find medical staffing services that feature a good degree of circulation for all staffers.

3) Not all medical staffing agencies have the best employee relationship.

Some medical services like these do not have the best relationships with their staffers, and tend to do things in a much more form way, that’s less focused the human side of things.  That means when you’re looking for work the agency will just send you take it or leave it contracts, that sometimes have nothing to do with your particular area of expertise. You want to find agencies that feature a lot of the human side of things, so that you can be sure they are going to target the jobs for you, that you are most likely to enjoy as well as excel in.  When you can find medical staffing services that care about you the employee, you know you’ve found a match made in heaven.

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