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The Pros and Cons of Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing jobs allow you to help people while seeing the country. They also have their drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons laid out.

Travel nursing jobs can be the path to an adventurous career that’s always taking you somewhere new.  What’s more, they are a lot of fun and assure that you’re almost always going to be able to find work, because they are positions that are always in high demand.  So long as you’re skilled enough and are able to build a great resume, you can ensure that these types of jobs are always going to be out there.  However, there are some pros and cons that come alongside travel nursing jobs as well. 

The pros of travel nursing jobs are always easy to see, and can offer you plenty of great options like:

1) The ability to travel frequently.

If you’re a fan of the adventurous lifestyle, you’re going to find yourself constantly going from place to place, and this is the perfect type of career to really facilitate such things.  With this sort of a career path, you can ensure that you’re always picking up and moving somewhere else, even across the entire country, as nurse jobs open up and close.  Because these are basically always filling temporary needs of all kinds, you can ensure that you’re always going somewhere new before one job gets stale, so that you can always keep things as interesting and fresh as possible.

2) Job availability.

This is one of those great careers that’s almost like being a chef in that you can always find a job like this somewhere.  With fantastic jobs like these, you’re going to find that you’re able to get work all the time, because there’s some hospital out there that’s always willing to hire a nurse, or that’s in need of a nurse.  Throughout travel nursing jobs you’re going to find job security like you’ve almost never had before, and that’s something that just about anyone is always going to be able to get on board with. 

3) Nursing is always an extremely rewarding career.

One thing that you’re always going to find in the medical field like this, especially when you’re helping people, is that it’s always rewarding.  Going from place to place and helping out people as you go along is something that you can always hang your head in pride about, and know that you’ve made a difference when you leave any are.

But of course, the Pros wouldn’t be the Pros without a few Cons that distinguish themselves from one another.  In fact, the cons can really make or break whether or not this is the type of career path you should pursue, so you want to be sure and weight your options up carefully.  Some of the most prevalent cons include:

1) Always traveling.  

While the traveling can also be a positive, for seasoned travel nursing jobs veterans, it can also be a massive hassle.  You never know where you’re going to be next, and that’s something that can cause you just as much grief as it was exciting when you started.  Especially when you’re always having to find new locations for the first time, which can be difficult for everyone.

2) Short term positions.

No matter how much you like any of the jobs you find, in most cases they are only temporary files, and you’ll be on your way again in no time, and before you know it.  That’s something that not everyone enjoys, and it can leave you feeling a little sad as you leave a location from time to time.  Despite the job security, picking up and always going from one set of new coworkers to the next can be a little lonely in the end.

3) No individual job security.

While you do have job security in the sense that everyone is always looking to fill travel nursing jobs, because there are always a bunch to be had out there somewhere, they are not very secure from position to position.  In most cases you’re not going to be staying anywhere in excess of 13 weeks, and the most is probably going to be around 26.  What you’re also going to find is that these types of jobs are the kind that are terminated out of the blue, and without warning, so one day you could be working somewhere, only to be looking for the next assignment a few hours later.

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