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The Skills Necessary for Careers as IT Recruiters

IT recruiters must know the ins and outs of the industry, and here are some of the things to be aware of before applying for a job as one.

Getting a job in recruitment is a difficult field to break into at times, because it acquires such expertise. This is a position where you have to be good at sensing and feeling out who is and isn’t going to be right for the job, based upon very little information.  That means you have to be able to spot good resumes from the bad, as well as which employees are going to work out in the long run, and you need to have a high success rate to be effective.  That means there are some preparation and planning activities that you’re going to need to complete before looking for jobs for IT Recruiters, so that you can be sure you’re really ready.

In many cases job recruiters are required to do several different things, and there is a wide and varied skill set that they need to have in order to be really good at the job.  You have to be prepared for this, and also prepared to attain the skills necessary for you to rise through the ranks in any position.  In order to make yourself the person for the job when IT Recruiter positions become available, here are a few skills and accolades you’re going to want to have in your repertoire:

1) A good strong business foundation.

For this type of a career there are really two types of college paths that are right for you, both human resources as well as business.  A four year degree in either is going to be the way to go, so that you can show you have an understanding of what being a job recruiter entails.  However, you also need to have the knowledge necessary that relates to information technology to qualify for IT Recruiters positions.  That means having sufficient computer skills and knowledge on top of the HR parts of the job.

2) Aspire to post graduate school for the best job opportunities.

If you really want to show your chops, and learn more about the jobs you want, before you get them, try going to school for a master’s degree.  This is something every employer likes to see, and will be something that you will want to see as a recruiter.  So you may as well be sure that you have a top accolade that can help you land any job you want, and this further education can be one of your first steps towards success.

3) Get as much experience in information technology as possible.

In order to develop the ability to see who is more qualified or better prepared, as IT Recruiters you have to be sure that you know the industry.  That’s why it’s helpful to show a history in the field, so that you can showcase your skills for having worked some of the positions for which you’ll be hiring.  That means you want to find internships at major corporations, or you even want to find part time jobs.  In either case, you can build up some necessary life experience that can be just as good as gold, for a  resume.

4) Make sure you’re up on the laws for equal opportunity employment.

When something goes wrong with a hiring process through an HR department, it’s usually the IT Recruiters heads that roll when the company is trying to correct a mistake for the future.  Your best protection is reading up on all employment laws regarding the hiring of an individual.  This way, you can be sure that you avoid common pitfalls that can be red flags for a complaint from an applicant.  What’s more, this also helps you keep a more acceptable and professional hiring process that people are going to welcome as they come through the system to become a part of the team.

5) If necessary, pick out a particular niche for your IT expertise.

Sometimes companies want more specific job recruiters that really know what they’re talking about for particular positions.  For that reason, it can be helpful to pick out what aspect of IT you are best trained to hire for.  Whether it’s something like web design, computer systems management, computer management, etc, finding more specialized training to extend your expertise in a field can be a good thing.

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