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The Top 6 Free Job Posting Sites

If you're looking for full-time or part-time work, it can't hurt to put your resume on some free job posting sites. Here are the six ones online most worth exploring.

Searching for a job is really hard, especially when the economy is not doing particularly fantastically in the local are where you live.  But in the information age, where you can find just about anything on Google, you might be amazed at all the different work opportunities that are actually available to you.  There are a wealth of opportunities out there for finding jobs that are posted from all over the nation online.  Plus many specialized sites make it easy for you to get in contact with interested parties that could be interested in hiring you.  You just have to know where to go.

When you’re looking for the perfect job posting sites you want to think about some criteria, which can dictate the best site for you.  That means asking yourself questions like:

                How in depth are the search features?

                Can I post a resume?

                How many average users does the site have?

Things of that nature, so that you can be sure you’re finding job posting sites that are going to be fruitful.  Any type of site that just seems too good to be true probably is, so it’s important to keep your feet grounded and realize that even searching online is going to mean a lot of work when it comes to finding a job.  It’s just a matter of finding the sites that are worth the time and effort, and here are 6 of the best.


The end all and be all of job searching websites is without a doubt Monster.  That’s because it’s one of the largest communities around, and employers all over the world utilize this site to post jobs, as well as look for workers to add to their workforce.  What’s more you can also post your resume online, and ensure that it’s there to be seen on your profile by any interested employer that could be wanting to hunt you down to do some work.

Plus the search functions are second to none, as Monster allows you to look for jobs based upon different sets of keywords involving the job or the posting.  But you can also look for them based upon location, pay level, and just about any other type of restriction that you could want to put onto your search.

In fact, Monster even offers you tools so that you can get better at crafting your resume, as well as cover letters when you’re looking to send them out to employers.  That way, you can fine tune your job hunting technique, so that you’re going to be able to find the perfect position no matter the circumstances. 


In many ways this is a similar site to Monster, because of the way that it’s made to function.  In the same way you’re going to be able to post a resume, as well as do handy searches for different types of jobs.  But what you’re also going to find is that they feature a more fleshed out and useful resume guide for actually building the perfect type of document.  That way you can literally upgrade your search and make yourself that much more attractive to potential employers.


This is basically the Facebook or Myspace of the business world. This is where you can get connected with other professionals as well as other employers throughout your industry.  That way, you can find the jobs and make the connections that you just won’t find on other types of sites.  However, employers rely less on this type of a site for job posting, and it’s become more of a social networking type of site.  But making those connections can still prove invaluable, and can get you some fantastic inside information.


This is a more unique type of job searching site, in that it actually allows you to look through company specific web pages to find job openings.  That’s almost like a more in depth Google, so that you can really get a look at what’s on offer, and get a feel for what type of job you want to go with much more accurately.


This is basically another version of Monster, however despite the large pool of job openings, it’s a little harder to apply because you cannot submit your resume online.  While that’s a bit of a hassle, it’s still a worthy place to look if you’re not having success on any other sites.


You can find just about anything on, and that includes jobs of all different kinds.  But you do need to be careful, because one thing that you’re going to find is that not every offer on there is legitimate.  That means you need to use common sense and don’t give out your personal information too freely, but also ensure that you never pay money to talk to a recruiter.  Serious job recruiters don’t charge you money to consider you for a position at their company.

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